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1 minute ago, oldnews said:

for Edler's rights.


They can't risk a Canuck signing elsewhere.

the day is just getting better. I was worried Sillinger would be a F'Lame. 

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Quinn was excited at first for Luke, and then it looked like the realization that his two brothers get to play together sunk in.


Does he ask for a trade? :bigblush:





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3 minutes ago, Trebreh said:

LOL poor Cowgary, they desperately needed him. that prospect pool is garbage hahahaa

Whoever they take will just pull a fox anyways. Who wouldn't its a frozen wasteland out there. Mmmmm sulfur fields instead of ocean. Neat choice for a multi millionaire 

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7 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

WTF? Who's Tyler Boucher?  Dorion should be fired immediately.

There’s no player more physical in the draft class. Sometimes, it’s a small nudge, an extra cross-check, or a smart play to cut off the hands. There’s also plenty of bone-crushing hits along the boards. His physical game is insane. Perfectly balancing scoring and supporting positioning, he’s always a passing option. He’s also a crafty shooter, shooting under defenders’ sticks or changing the angle. From Elite Prospects


I guess that's why they took him.?.?

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Just now, viking mama said:

Tanev, Markstrom, Toffoli, Stecher, Edler, (he might stay & just sniff free agency). And, Virtanen will likely be lost without compensation too.

Beagle & Roussel were fading, but still niche players, who served their purpose for a time. 

Ah yes. My mistake. I put last offseason in the part of my brain I dont like to access.


Yeah losing Markstrom/Tanev/Stecher/Toffoli/Edler for nothing is gross.

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Just now, Trebreh said:

watch them draft a goaltender and he ends up being another Mason McDonald LOL!!!

Hahahah man i just cant. Just laughing.



Somebody go visit the Alberta forums and see how much $&!# their talking about us rn. 


Also, the NHL hates us again for giving Arizona a pick.

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