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2021 NHL Entry Draft

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1 hour ago, FlyLow_ said:

Stromgren, Robertsson, Morrow, Tuomaala still there.


If we can get another 2nd farther back there's Chibrikov, Chayka, Stankoven, Zellwegger, Knies, Heimosalmi

I had Stankoven in the late teens.  Svozil looks like a left-handed Tanev if he's still on the board.

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They must be feeding the kids raw beef from Lakeside Packers down in Brooks! That's 2 top picks from Tier II Junior to come from the Bandits...not sure if I've ever seen that before.

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9 minutes ago, Mustard Tiger said:

haha will they forfit this in a few days similar to AZ last year?

I thought this kid withdrew himself from the draft? Really classy Bergevin...

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8 minutes ago, R3aL said:

Columbus won the first round I think 


Montreal getting roasted here interesting 

Columbus always picks players we reportedly had a eye on all the time. Typical Columbus like Dubois now Johnson and Sillinger. They are so predictable. Also Eklund is a typical Sharks type pick.

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Definitely a weird way to cheer for the draft for me.


Usually it’s cheering for someone to fall. This time it was cheering for no one to fall.


All I can say is I’m happy with the results!

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Just now, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I would say the Wild got the steal of the first round with Jesper Wallstedt.

Gotta build up Brackett a little more eh?


I think it was the Bruins with Lysell at 21. May have just got another Pastrnak like steal.

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