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2021 NHL Entry Draft

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15 minutes ago, kilgore said:

No gasket's in danger here.  Just wanted to correct with some facts.  He wasn't God, but did a heck of a lot for his short time being our chief of amateur drafting.  I just think he deserves a bit of respect. Jake was Jim's first and solo decision, before Brackett was hired. Brackett's first #1 pick rec was Boeser.  Joulevi was JB putting his foot down on the pick the next draft. After that he decided it best to go with Judd's, thank the real God.  Judd also did a lot with lower picks with his connections in the US college and eastern US leagues. There just wasn't much to criticize him for. He hit home runs, in the first round but also in later rounds.  And JB gets credit for supporting those decisions. It was a team effort of course.


As far as Pettersson, Delorme was one of a number of voices pushing for him, most notably Thomas Gradin, our Swedish scouting connection.  I'd hardly use Delorme as an example of great amateur insight though, he was the chief amateur scout for decades, the decades we SUCKED at drafting. One of the things Gillis was criticized for, and rightly so, as the buck stops with him. But firing Delorme, and revamping that department was, according to Gillis one of his biggest regrets.  Brackett did some impressive work here.  Not going to bash JB for how they parted ways in this thread. But you gotta acknowledge Judd's value to the present team we have, that's all.

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For some of these guys, this will be the only time that they are mentioned in (inter)national media, unless it's as "player to be named later" in a package deal.....


                                                                       regards,  G.

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5 minutes ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:

I wonder if the Canucks end up targeting a player like Lucas Forsell, seems like he could be something down the road. Vancouver does have 5 more picks to come so.

I looked him up.

I like those young picks - they can be misleading when they're almost a year younger than some of the guys in the field.

he's 10 days from the cutoff - and had a SHL callup at 17 yrs of age...

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1 minute ago, 204CanucksFan said:

14 picks to go. Extremely wishful thinking at this point still but with them both still available I'm dreaming we walk out of the 4th with both Roman Schmidt and Jack Bar. Our 2 picks are only 3 apart.

Roman was picked I believe 

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