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2021 NHL Entry Draft

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2 minutes ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:

there was not, but late picks that pan out make the difference so in theory suggesting a 4th could make or break a draft is not too out of scope......check back in a few years haha.



I'd be waiting to see someone actually proclaim a team won the draft with a 4th round pick before finding it 'entertaining'.


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2 minutes ago, Kenny Blankenship said:

How are you feeling about our picks/lack there of?

Little bit disappointing. But OEL + Garland are far more exciting additions than any pick would have been.


Well, I would have been pretty stoked for Sillinger but he wasn't a guy Benning would likely have been after anyway. All the really big ticket items were gone by 9. I had Guenther ranked 11th - real solid prospect but not someone I would have been too excited about.

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36 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

A goaltender… interesting.


Welcome, Aku Koskenvuo.

Think this is a signal that JB wants to promote from within to allow Holtby to be traded or bought out.  

If anything I think JB is super passive aggressive towards Abbey and is going to take any hope for a stellar first season by promoting Mikey and let Silvos take over as a rookie with a AHL journeyman goalie fill in.  

Or not.  

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Just now, DeNiro said:



I think its just an honest response to that one guy who kind of jokes it off as " like anyone here knows anything or anyone here thinks a certain player could make or break a draft " kind of thing.


Contrary to most of the couch potatoes, kids living in mom's basement eating meatloaf and so on there are some people here who have an interest, have experience in this at amateur and professional levels and some share their comments and do indeed have a clue. So its all fun, its draft day but yeah I think its more entertaining to think there is this dude eating pizza pops brushing off some people's ideas, suggestions, opinions and reactions when they are in the know haha.

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