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Looks like they went to Gradin for a couple late round Swedish D!


I like it! Forsling and Persson were both good Gradin picks. Hopefully he got us another gem.

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And Carolina takes the one of the guys I wanted with our next pick right after. I'm not having much luck in this draft. Well hopefully we get Ryan Mast with our next pick. Lots of lists had him as a 3rd rounder.

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2 hours ago, J-Dizzle said:

Huh. I guess Judd must have dressed up as Delorme to push drafting Petterson….. 


All joking aside (before you blow a gasket), Judd did a good job. It’s just disingenuous to give him credit for all our good picks and somehow remove him from responsibility for our less impressive ones.


it’s like Brackett has served as the primary excuse for anything good that has happened in the organization so people who don’t like Benning don’t have to give him credit for anything good that happens.  






Brock was JB’s, Hughes was everyone’s, OJ was JB’s.  JV was everyone’s IMO, a lot of local hype and JV was on the clock for 18 days with a brand new scouting department.  Petey is off the charts, so is Brock and Hughes, with Demko being really solid.  OJ is still a wild card and JV is bust.  Podz is another player that will probably do really well, Rathbone, Demko doesn’t score, neither does Mikey, Hogs is very promising and trading a 1st for JT Miller was better so far for drafting a pick instead, so is Garland… and OEL for that matter… Woo too?  

lol. Had to throw that in.  

so how does the sorts media get hits in the summer… 


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5 minutes ago, therodigy said:

Hope I get this in before the 6th round as the Olympics just blocked me out.


3 RD that stick out to me for one of Bryce Montgomery, Jake Martin, or Joseph Pierce


3 C that stick out to me are Hunter Strand, Peter Reynolds, and Trevor Wong.


Anyone know if Graham Sward or Hugo Gabrielsson were selected yet?



Nice pick!

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1 minute ago, NUCKER67 said:

I think Gabrielsson was Edvinsson's D partner last year for a bit. He's a LD that can also play the right side. 

Gabrielsson really shined with Frolunda’s junior team, which at one point featured other top 2021 draft prospects Fabian Lysell and Simon Edvinsson. There, he saw some time paired alongside Edvinsson and thrived offensively. Gabrielsson is not afraid to jump in on the rush and create offense for his team. At times, he even gets in on the forecheck and generates offense from behind the net, not something you’ll always see from a defenseman. 

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