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[Signing] Golden Knights sign Alex Pietrangelo

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1 minute ago, EddieVedder said:

Petro is twice the player Seabrook ever was. 

Vegas will be legit contenders for another 5 yrs.  


I don't care for their centers. Will be interesting to see if their top two can win those 16 games in the playoffs. 

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Just now, Millerdraft said:

And there it is.  Canucks in tough to even make the playoffs at this point.  Calgary, Edmonton and Vegas all improved while we have some gargantuan holes in our lineup at the moment.

Has Calgary improved much?


They finally have a good consistent goalie that will steal some games; but they've only got 6.4m in cap space with 16 players on the roster. If Tanev gets injured again, that'll be a big hit to their D as well

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Fook Vegas. I hope other players take notice they have absolutely no loyalty. Fired gallant early. Stabbed fleury in the back. Shipped out statsny after signing him as a Ufa. Now other players like pacioretty who they also just signed is on the trade block. Sign with them at your own risk because they will trade you in a hot minute for the next shiny new toy! 

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