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Truzz Trump (@kj29) and Max Russia (@GoCanucks16) have announced their retirement. The final update is on the website.


Thanks for playing everyone! As always, I feel bad for those of you who got the short end of the potential stick, but apparently EHM is coming out with an update including new potential ranges very soon. I'm hoping to run another one of these games when that happens, and hopefully we'll have potential ranges that allow for everyone to be an NHL player while still keeping some variance.

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Great career by Lung! Never won any major individual trophies (only the Masterton) but was the face of the Sharks franchise for basically his entire career, spending 17 of his 19 years in San Jose. Was the pinnacle of consistency with 14 straight years putting up 60+ points, finishing with 16 seasons with 60+, 9 seasons with 70+, and 2 seasons with 80+. Ended his career with 1250 pts in just over 1500 games which is great, and inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Never had much luck in the playoffs, retiring cupless and making it to the second round only 3 times and to the third round only once. This is especially disappointing as he had 12 playoff appearances in 19 years, so plenty of opportunities to make a deep run. This was unlikely ever his fault though as he was always a consistent playoff performer, putting up 71 points in 87 playoff games.


Hopefully the Sharks honored him by raising his #16 jersey to the rafters!


Last of all, thank you so much to @Intoewsables for hosting yet another amazing CAP game! I know this must take a lot of time and energy for you to put this on for us and we all really appreciate it! This has always been by far my favorite game on CDC and I'm super excited for the next one!

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Update -

In his retirement from professional hockey, Tuomeni Beers has opened a hockey academy in the West Shore community located just outside of Victoria, BC, and only a 20 minute drive from his home town.

His academy is called "Beers' School for Big D" and upon launching his program, Beers is quoted as saying "I want to teach kids to not suck D like Ivgot Deruns. That guy sucked mad D. It's crazy how we were in the same draft class and had way more potential than me, but he threw it all away to suck D. I don't want kids sucking D for a living so I'm starting this academy in the hopes I can prevent even just one kid from sucking D like Ivgot DeRuns sucks. It's crazy to me. Crazy stuff really. He sucked D so hard for so long. I want to see less of that in the world."


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