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1 hour ago, luckylager said:

Hold on, Beers has only played 1 game this year whereas a bunch of player had atleast 50....!?

Did you break my guy, Toews?


Swift Current did a very stupid thing and kept Beers around as their #7-8 D instead of sending him down. Sucks for his development but unfortunately there's not much I can do. Sorry man.

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5 minutes ago, Intoewsables said:

Scout #1: Starting goaltender potential. Comparable: A more talented version of David Rittich

Scout #2: Backup goaltender potential. Comparable: David Rittich

Scout #3: Third string goaltender potential. Comparable: David Rittich


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1 minute ago, Intoewsables said:

I don't think I'll get around to posting the draft results tonight, but damn were there some massive risers and fallers compared to the final rankings. Only one player went undrafted, and it wasn't one of the unranked players.

The suspense!






*if it was Xavier plz tell me* 

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I forgot what adaptability was. :lol:


I thought it was a player's ability to play in secondary positions, not a player's ability to adapt to new environments.


Oh well, Max can goon in up in the KHL his whole career if that's his true calling.


(I gave my Russian 1 in adaptability.)

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10 hours ago, Intoewsables said:

Scout #1: Two-way forward, 1st line potential. Comparable: A more talented version of Sean Monahan

Scout #2: Two-way forward, 3rd line potential. Comparable: A poor man’s Ryan Johansen

Scout #3: Two-way forward, limited potential. No comparable.

Scouts 2 and 3 dont deserve their jobs :bigblush:

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11 minutes ago, Intoewsables said:

2023 NHL Entry Draft

Round 1

3. (-1) Debbie Does Dallas, LW/RW - Arizona Coyotes

7. (+14) Skorev Goalovsky, C/RW - Dallas Stars

8. (-3) Dan Krygier, C/RW - Calgary Flames

9. (-3) Mitt Romney, RW/C - Pittsburgh Penguins

10. (+12) Patrik Khan, RW/LW - New York Rangers

11. (+46) Brock Gym-Leader, RW/LW - Toronto Maple Leafs

20. (+3) Confused Face, G - New Jersey Devils

22. (+5) Kai Lung, C/LW - San Jose Sharks

26. (-19) Truzz Trump, C - Tampa Bay Lightning


Round 2

32. (+15) Place Holder, LW/RW - Arizona Coyotes

40. (+28) Jimmy Butler, C/RW - New York Rangers

42. (+77) Skank Hunt, RW/LW - Boston Bruins

46. (-3) Klavs Deimonds Nazarovs, C/LW - Vegas Golden Knights

50. (NR) Tuomeni Beers, RD/LD - Minnesota Wild

52. (+1) Xavier Nyx, C/LW - San Jose Sharks


Round 4

92. (+2) Crabby Gaming, C/LW - Calgary Flames

120. (+71) Dekes Jockstrapsoff, RW - St. Louis Blues

122. (+11) Ivgot DeRuns, RD/LD - Philadelphia Flyers


Round 5

137. (-102) Max Russia, C - Carolina Hurricanes


Round 7

200. (NR) Bathroom Staal, RD/LD - St. Louis Blues



Ben Dover, C/RW

Looks like I have some competition in camp. Just remember they took you because you "fell", they reached for me because they believed in me :lol::emot-parrot:


Not to hurt your confidence or anything :bigblush:

Edited by Brock Botanen
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