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[Signing] Flames re-sign Andrew Mangiapane

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20 minutes ago, coryberg said:

This should put Jake at about 3 mil

I don't see that, I think Jake get nearly the same contract. Their numbers aren't far apart and the slight edge he has in the regular season is offset by their playoff performance.

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1 minute ago, Rabbit said:

If Jade signs at 3M, and Gaudette at 2.4M, total will be 5.4M

Benning might consider to trade / waive them, and sign one free agent about $4M and bring up one young prospect.

Can't see either making that much, I suspect they get a combined 4 million.

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1 hour ago, ruilin96 said:

Whatever the case, I hope JV and Gaudette's deal is more than a year, because we don't want them expiring at the same time when we have to resign Pettersson, Hughes and Demko

I hope so too! Gaudette won’t get much more then 1.5... he put up points but was a defensive liability (understandable for a young player) 

I hope Jake signs a two-three year deal.  
Leivo maybe if we think that he will fully recovering from shattering his kneecap. 

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3 hours ago, ruilin96 said:

This is more of a Gaudette comparable.

Not really.


Mangiapane had 31 even strength points (1 pp pt).

13:42 ice time/g.

46.1% offensive zone starts

53.3% corsi.

good 'possession' metrics in context

good goal metrics


Gaudette 21 ev.st.pts. (12 of his were pp pts).

12:23 ice time/g

59.6% ozone starts

46.1% corsi

poor 'possession' metrics in context

poor goal metrics


Closer to a Virtanen comparable imo - and if anything - if this were considered a  'market-setting' deal - Virtanen at equivalent terms would hardly be a case of him taking less than he's worth....

Virtanen 'should' sign in this range imo - however, how amenable his agent is - after the Ekman-larsson deal not working out....? 

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