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CDCGML Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 1: Scoring Structure


1.1 – Scoring Table


Goal/Assist: 3 points

PP Point: +1 point

SH Point: +2 points

OT Point: +2 points

GWG/A: +2 points

PIM: 1 point per minute

+/- : 2 points per each + rating



Goal/Assist: 5 points

PP Point: +1 point

SH Point: +2 points

OT Point: +2 points

GWG/A: +2 points

PIM: 1 point per minute

+/- : 2 points per each + rating



Win: 10 points

OTL: 5 points

SO: +10 points

Goal: 99 points

Assist: 10 points

PIM = 1 point per minute


* - scoring table subject to change prior to start of season.


1.2 – Stat Tracking Site

- Stats for the 2019-20 season will be tracked on www.pickuphockey.com.

Pool name: CDCGML 2019-20
Password: cdcgml


Article 2: Regular Season/Playoff Structure


2.1 – What To Do


The name of the game is simple. Build a Stanley Cup winner. As it is a fantasy game, it will be points driven, but like real life, having the most dynamic scorers doesn't mean you'll win. Players will accumulate points throughout the season, and the top 8 teams in each Conference will make the playoffs. Divisions are shown on the map below, and the top team in each division will be seeded first through third, just like the NHL.


2.2 – What Not To Do


Obviously, somebody has to come in last. But that doesn't mean it has to be for lack of trying. Like in the real NHL, a good General Manager is always looking for ways to improve their team. Inactivity might pay off if you're ahead in the standings, or have a good reason to wait. Maybe you're hoping the team will pull out of its slump. Maybe you have key injuries. Any number of things could result in a wait and see approach, and team owners would surely understand. But be careful, if your team is slumping for long periods, and you as GM aren't doing anything to improve the teams fortunes, you may find yourself on the hot seat with the guys upstairs. Spend too long there without some sort of attempt (even failed ones) at improving your team, and the GM might end up getting fired.


Also, remember that a good GM keeps his players competitive, but content. Players that aren't happy with their role on your team (like a 50 goal scorer on the third line, a 18-20 minute defenceman on the bottom pairing, or having two starting goaltenders competing for playing time) may end up asking for a trade. If they aren't dealt within an acceptable period of time (dependent on the player and situation) they may refuse to play until they are moved. Make sure you keep your players happy. Teams will be notified of any potential issues in their Roster Review PM and have the chance to respond to player concerns there. If an issue regarding player happiness is brought up, address the issue, don't make excuses. Each team is reviewed on a regular basis and subject to the same standard as every other team.


2.3 – Executive Team


canuck2xtreme - Player Movement/Player Agent
Mike Vanderhoek - Player Agent

greensman - ELC contracts consultant


aGENT - ELC contracts



2.4 – Annual Awards


Near the end of the regular season, teams may vote for one player for each of the major NHL awards by submitting their votes via secret ballot to canuck2xtreme. Teams are NOT permitted to vote for their own players. The winners will be announced upon the conclusion of the regular season. Award winners will earn an extra 50 pool points for their team, and those points will count towards making the playoffs. The following awards will be handed out for 2015-16.  (Note: Award system subject to change)


Awards To Be Announced


2.5 – Playoffs


The top 3 teams from each Division will make the playoffs along with two wild card teams in each conference. The two teams with the highest point totals of the remaining teams in each Conference will earn the wild card playoff berths. The division winner with the most points in each conference will meet the 2nd wild card team, the other division leader will face the 1st wild card team. The second and third place teams in each division will play each other. Teams will accumulate points via their players, and at the end of the first round, the teams with the most points in each playoff bracket will advance to the second round, and so on, until a champion is crowned at the conclusion of the playoffs. Points are exclusive to each round and do not carry over to the next in any fashion.


In the event of a tie at the end of a series, the tie-breaking procedure is as follows:


1. Total Goals

2. Game Winning Goals

3. Overtime Goals

4. Goalie wins

5. Points per game

Article 3: Roster Limitations


3.1 – Active Roster Guidelines


Each active roster will consist of a maximum of 23 players. Teams are limited to a maximum of 14 forwards, 8 defencemen or 2 goaltenders on an active roster at any one time. An empty goaltending roster spot cannot be filled by a forward or defenceman. Teams can dress any roster at their discretion, within these guidelines, provided that teams keep their players happy as outlined in Article 2 Section 2.


Prior to the beginning of the regular season, teams must submit an opening night roster post in order for their lineup to be entered into the system to collect points. These rosters MUST be submitted before the start of the regular season to avoid penalties. If a team is late in submitting their opening night roster, they will be penalized 100 points for each day their roster is late. When the roster is submitted, the roster will be input as though it was for the start of the season and the penalty will be applied via negative 'bonus' points. GMs who put their teams in this predicament will face heavy scrutiny and possible dismissal.


Any roster move must be made in it's own post and clearly phrased. Roster moves that do not follow this format will not be processed. NOTE: Players who are suspended while on the active roster cannot be moved off the active roster for the duration of their suspension.


Teams can request a player be dressed in a different position (i.e: forward playing defence, defenceman playing forward) on an emergency basis, but this will be accepted for no more than a seven day period. In order to do this, you must post a roster move indicating your player is being placed out of position. This roster move must be in it's own post and clearly phrased.


3.2 – Salary Cap


The CDCGML salary cap for the 2019-20 season is $81.5 million dollars. During the season, no move will be processed that would put your team over or under the salary cap. In the off-season, the 10% rule is in effect. Teams cannot be over the cap by more than 10% of the cap ceiling at any point. Trades or signings that would put a team more than 10% over the cap during the off-season will not be processed by the league.


3.3 – Minor League System


This is where you can keep your prospects and depth players. These players are in your system but not on your active roster. You can have as many players in your minor system as you have budgeted money for. Some players must clear waivers to be assigned to your minor league system after the season begins as provided in Article 5 Section 3. You can name your minor league team if you like, just submit your proposed location and team name to the league for approval. As long as it's appropriate and not already taken, the league will approve it.


3.4 – Junior System


The Junior system is where you can assign players who have signed entry level contracts but are still eligible to play at the junior level (18-20 years old). Players who are eligible to be assigned to juniors must meet the age criteria (20 years old or younger) at the time of their assignment to junior. Players assigned to junior will not have their salaries count against either the cap or your clubs minors budget. Once a player is assigned to junior during the season (beginning on the first day of the regular season), they cannot be recalled until the end of the regular season. EXCEPTION: Players assigned to the juniors at the start of the season can be recalled if they have turned 21 years old and cannot be re-assigned to junior. Once recalled, their salary will begin to count against the salary cap/minors budget. Eligible players will not be assigned to Junior automatically, they must be placed there via a post in the thread.

Article 4: Contracts


4.1 – Contracts


In order to be eligible for a teams active or minor league roster, they must be signed to a contract with that club by negotiating a deal with one of our agents. A team may at no time have any greater than fifty (50) signed players in the organization. If a player has hired a specific agent, it will be displayed in a pop up note on the UFA/RFA tracker, and teams must speak to that agent for that player.  The league minimum salary for any new contract is $700,000 per season.


Player Agents

Entry Level Contracts: aGENT

Standard Player Contracts: Mike Vanderhoek/canuck2xtreme


4.2 – Entry Level Contracts


Drafted players signing their first contract will be subject to entry level contract limits. A player signing an entry level deal can only have a maximum base salary of $950,000. Teams can add bonuses and incentives in negotiations as they see fit that would raise the cap hit of the player, but the base salary cannot exceed $950,000. The total maximum salary of an entry level player including bonuses is $3.775 million per season. Players signed to entry level contracts by teams with a qualifying investment in Player Development can have their players contract slide either one or two seasons provided they meet the criteria listed in CBA Section 7.5.


4.2 - Restricted Free Agents


Players who have played fewer than 7 seasons or are younger than 27 years of age are Restricted Free Agents.


4.2.1 – Qualifying Offers


Teams looking to retain the rights of their pending Restricted Free Agents would need to submit a qualifying offer based on the following scale.

•   $500,000 - $1.5 million = 110% of previous contract

•   over $1.5 million - $3 million = 105% of previous contract

•   over $3 million = 100% of previous contract

Qualifying offers are calculated using a players base salary only, bonuses are not included in the calculation. The deadline for submitting qualifying offers is 5:00pm Pacific Time on June 27, 2020. Qualifying offers are valid contract offers and are subject to being accepted at any time prior to their expiration. This offer may or may not be accepted, but the player will go to Unrestricted Free Agency if the qualifying offer is not extended before the deadline.


Qualifying offers will expire on July 31st at 11:59pm Pacific time and at that point will no longer be eligible to be accepted by the player. Teams with players in this situation will still retain the players rights. A qualified player who is not signed by December 1st of each season will be released to Unrestricted Free Agency and will be eligible to sign with any team.


4.2.2 – Offer Sheets


Teams are permitted to extend offer sheets to the RFA players of other teams beginning July 1st. These offer sheets may or may not be signed by the player. If they are signed, the club that holds the players rights has 1 (ONE) week to match the offer sheet. If the team declines to match, they would receive compensation based on the following chart.


$1,000,000 or less - None

$1,000,001 - $2,100,000 - 3rd round pick

$2,100,001 - $3,000,000 - 2nd round pick

$3,000,001 - $4,100,000 - 1st round pick

$4,100,001 - $4,750,000 - 1st and 3rd round picks

$4,750,001 - $5,500,000 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick

$5,500,001 - $6,000,000 - 1sts, 2nd and two 3rd round picks

$6,000,001 - $6,500,000 - 1st, two 2nd and two 3rd round picks

$6,500,001 and up - two 1st, two 2nd and two 3rd round picks


Teams who would present these offer sheets must have their own teams draft picks as compensation before they are able to sign the player to an offer sheet. If a team matches an offer sheet, they CANNOT trade the player for at least one season. In order to match an offer sheet, the team must have room under the salary cap to accommodate the player and their new salary. The 10% rule does not apply in this situation.



4.2.3 – Arbitration


- Players 23 or 24 years of age as of July 1st are eligible for team elected arbitration.

- Players 25 or 26 years of age as of July 1st are eligible for player elected arbitration.

- A player with arbitration rights cannot be asked by their club to file for arbitration, that decision is at the sole discretion of the player and their agent. Doing so will result in the club losing the player to unrestricted free agency.

- Electing for arbitration removes the possibility for the player to sign offer sheets.

- Teams can have a maximum of one team elected and one player elected arbitration case per season.

- The deadline to file for arbitration is noted in the Dates to Remember section of each season.

- Arbitration cases will be scheduled and held via PM during the month of August.

- Through arbitration, only a 1 year deal will be awarded.

- canuck2xtreme will serve as arbitrator. In the event that canuck2xtreme is the player or team representative, greensman will serve as arbitrator.

- The arbitrator will hear both the teams position and the players position via separate PMs, and then will have up to 7 days to make a decision.

- Both the team and the player are required to submit their proposed dollar figure in their statement.

- The arbitrator has the right to award either:


1. The players desired contract proposal,

2. The teams desired contract proposal, or

3. Any dollar figure in between the two figures provided by the team and player.


- If an arbitration award is within $1 million dollars of the teams desired contract proposal, the award is binding.

- If an arbitration award is more than $1 million higher than the teams desired contract proposal, the team has the right to walk away from the arbitration award, making the player an unrestricted free agent. Teams in this situation will NOT receive any compensation.

- All arbitration awards are final. Disrespect towards the arbitration system as a result of an unfavorable decision from either party will result in penalties levied by the league at their discretion. This can include, but is not limited to: cap space penalties, forfeiting of draft picks, loss of future arbitration rights, etc.


4.3 – Unrestricted Free Agents


Players who are 27 years old or have played in 7 NHL seasons are Unrestricted Free Agents. Unrestricted Free Agents who are without a contract are eligible to be signed to a contract by any team beginning on July 1st. No player eligible for the next seasons CDCGML Entry Draft is eligible to be signed as an unrestricted free agent. When signing a new unrestricted free agent to your club, the maximum allowable contract term is 7 years.


4.4 – No Trade/No Movement Clauses


No Trade Clauses or No Movement Clauses will be honoured by the League and agents. Any requests to have a player waive their NTC/NMC must be submitted to canuck2xtreme. If a player demands a trade, the NTC or NMC will be considered waived and the player may be dealt to any team. Players with these clauses will only waive a clause ONCE per season. These clauses will not be waived often. Players who are 26 or under are not eligible for NTC or NMCs.


If a player has a provision to list teams and is requested to do so, the list will be provided and posted in the players information pop up on their team chart. Unless otherwise specified in the wording of their NTC/NMC, lists will be valid for 30 days. Players will not waive to go to a team that is not on their list, regardless of circumstance.


4.5 – Extensions


Teams are permitted to discuss a contract extension with one player who's contract expires at the end of the upcoming season beginning on July 1st of each summer. This negotiation will not count towards the 6 negotiation limit in place later in the season, provided that the negotiation begins prior to January 1st of each season. As with any negotiation, sometimes the player will not desire to sign an extension that early. Clubs can only begin these discussions with ONE player, regardless if that player ends up re-signing or not.


Beginning on February 15, 2019, teams can hold preliminary discussions with 2 players of their choice (ballpark figures only, no full negotiations take place). Then, beginning on March 5, 2019, teams are permitted to enter formal negotiations with one player and hold preliminary discussions with an additional 2 players regarding their contract desires before the end of the season. After the regular season ends, teams may hold formal negotiations with up to 6 players, but remember only a handful may sign extensions. When negotiating an extension with a player that has played with your club for the entire season (beginning on opening night of season), teams may offer up to an 8 year contract term if desired.


4.6 – Buyouts


There are two separate one week buyout periods, one from June 20th-27th and one from Sept.23rd-30th. During these buyout periods, teams can buy players out of their contracts if they so desire. Any teams buying out a contract will incur a cap hit of 33% of the players annual salary for each remaining year of the contract. Players must clear unconditional waivers before they can be bought out.


4.7 – Tampering


Tampering is a serious offense and will be dealt with strictly. Tampering occurs when a team contacts a player under contract to another team before their contract expires, or when a team tries to negotiate a contract for the same player with two separate agents. In these cases, the team will lose the ability to negotiate with the player in question, and further fines/penalties may be handed down at the leagues discretion.

Article 5: Player Movement


5.1 – Trades


You may make an unlimited amount of trades, but both GMs involved in the trade must PM canuck2xtreme. Points are not transferred when a player is traded. For example, if Alex Ovechkin has 38 points for Team A and then is traded to Team B, his point totals remain on Team A. Ovechkin would start on Team B with 0 points. Trades are not official until posted by the League in the thread, and may take up to 48 hours to confirm. All trades are backdated to the day they were submitted to the league and agreed upon by both GMs, so teams will not miss out on any points. Players who are traded must remain at the same league level as they were on their original team at the time of the trade (Active roster to active roster, minors to minors, etc. ) unless they are eligible to be assigned otherwise. Waivers rules apply to players who are subject to waivers before being sent down if teams want to place a player from his original teams active roster in the minors.  Any team that has traded a player at any point during the year (beginning July 1st) may not re-acquire (or discuss contract terms via negotiation permissions) said player for at least 365 calander days.


If you are trading draft picks, the picks must be tracked and properly labeled. Failing to do so will result in the trade being rejected by the League.


A properly labeled draft pick: TEAM 2018 1st Round Draft Pick


An improperly labeled draft pick: Anything else.


The trade deadline for the 2019-20 season has not yet been announced.


5.2 – Trading Cap Dollars


Teams can retain up to $3 million dollars or 50% AAV, whichever is lower, of a players salary as part of a trade. Teams are permitted to retain cap dollars for a up to 2 consecutive seasons (including the current season) of any contract.


- Teams cannot retain more than 15% of the salary cap ceiling total in any given season.

- Teams cannot retain salary on more than 3 players in any given season.

- Teams can have a maximum of 3 players on the roster with reduced contracts.

- The combined amount of salary retained by other teams for players on a teams roster cannot exceed $10.95 million (15% x $73.0 million) at any time.

- No player can have his cap hit reduced under $750,000 per season via this method.

- No trade may have a combined retention above $5 million for a single team.



5.3 – Injured Reserve


General- Any team with a player on the NHL injury reserve may put that player on injured reserve starting Oct 1st. Players on injured reserve will not count against your cap but will not earn points. While your player is listed on injured reserve, you may replace him on your active roster with another player. To place a player on injured reserve you must send your request to canuck2xtreme who will confirm the addition. Approval of your player to injured reserve depends on the players official injury status as well as your clubs budget set out for the medical and training section. When you want to activate your player from injured reserve, you must create an available roster spot for that player first.


Season Opening Day- On opening day, before LTIR is considered, each team must be cap compliant. That is, the sum of all contracts may not exceed the sum of the league Salary Cap plus the Minor League Budget. From that day forward players on LTIR do not count towards the Cap.


Offseason IR- A GM may apply to place a player on IR during the off-season, however, such IR placements must be subject to Opening Day requirements.


Career Ending Injury Relief-  A GM may apply via a PM to canuck2xtreme to have the contract of a player suffering a Career Ending Injury simply voided and removed from your team sheet. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis.


Websites Considered Reliable Evidence - Including but not limited to http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/injuries,  http://www.espn.com/nhl/injuries



5.4 – Waivers


Any player that has exceeded the Waivers Exemption threshold is required to pass through waivers in order to be assigned to the minors after the start of the season.

Waivers Exemption Thresholds

23 years old or younger - 150 NHL game threshold (100 games for goaltenders)

24 years old or younger - 100 NHL game threshold (75 games for goaltenders)

26 years old or younger - 50 NHL game threshold (25 games for goaltenders)

To place a player on waivers, you simply post in the thread that you are placing that player on waivers. The waivers placement must be in it's own post and clearly phrased. Waivers assignments that do not follow this format will not be processed and the player will not be on waivers. Players will remain on waivers for 24 hours.


- In order to claim a player, send a PM to canuck2xtreme indicating your desire to claim the player. The claim must be made within the 24 hour window. After the 24 hour period expires, either canuck2xtreme will post whether the player has cleared waivers, or if they have been claimed.


- A player that is on waivers will remain in their roster position until either:

•   The player has cleared waivers and been assigned elsewhere.

•   The player has been claimed by another team. (Once a player has been claimed, their roster spot will become available for call-ups/replacements etc.)

- Players that are claimed by more than one team will be awarded to the team that is ranked lowest in the overall league standings at the beginning of that calendar month.

- Teams who claim a player will move to the bottom of the league in waiver claim priority for the remainder of the calendar month.  The waiver claim priority list will reset on the morning of the 1st of each month in accordance with league standings at that point.

- In the event a team claims two players in one waiver claim PM, priority will be given to the player listed first.  The team would be moved to the bottom of the claim priority list for the second player listed.


- Unclaimed players can either be placed into your clubs minor league system or back onto the active roster. Your team must designate where your player is to go either at the time of being placed on waivers, or shortly after the 24 hour waiver period has expired. If a player clears waivers, they will not be subject to waivers for the 14 day period after they cleared.


- Players claimed on waivers cannot be assigned to their new clubs minor league affiliate without clearing waivers again.


- When a player is claimed, both the team that waived the player and the team receiving the player incur a waivers fee of $50,000 chargeable against the salary cap.


5.4.1 – Unconditional Waivers


A player on unconditional waivers will be available to be claimed following the same basic waiver rules for a 48 hour period. The waivers placement must be in it's own post, clearly phrased and must specifically indicate that the player is being placed on unconditional waivers. Players that clear unconditional waivers are then eligible to have their contract bought out. If a player on unconditional waivers is claimed, the waiving team will incur the waivers fee for both teams (totaling $100,000), while the team claiming the player will not incur any fees. Teams claiming a player on unconditional waivers are permitted to place the player in their minors system, but only provided the team already has a full 23 man active roster.


5.5 – Rumour Mill


If you have any rumours regarding trades etc. about your team, you can post about it in the Rumour Mill by sending a PM to (position available) and indicating who you have available, and possibly what sort of player you hope to get back in return. The information will then be posted in the Rumour Mill post for other GMs to view.

Article 6: Entry Draft


6.1 – Entry Draft Guidelines


The draft will take place on Saturday June 16nd 2018, beginning at 4:00pm Pacific time.


Teams will have one draft pick for each of the first four rounds. At the conclusion of the playoffs, we will conduct a draft lottery that mirrors that of the NHL, and the rest of the draft order will be determined by regular season standings. Our League will select from the same pool of draft eligible players that the NHL clubs will select from. Players can then be signed (or released) and placed into a teams minor league system. Unsigned prospects will return to the entry draft after 2 years if they remain unsigned. Players from previous draft years who went undrafted in the CDCGML are eligible to be selected provided they are under 21 years of age.


6.2 – Draft Lottery Guidelines


The draft lottery will occur in two phases. 


Phase One will take place directly after the regular season has ended.  The 14 teams that miss the playoffs will be eligible to enter the draft lottery. Teams eligible for the draft lottery will be entered into a randomized number generator with equal odds, giving each team a number from 1 to 14. 


Phase Two will take place directly alongside the NHL draft lottery.  The number that teams received in Stage One will link them to NHL teams in the NHL Draft Lottery. (eg. - The team who received number 1 in Stage One will be linked to the NHL team with the highest odds to win the draft lottery, number 2 linked to the team with the 2nd highest odds, and so on.) The team that wins the draft lottery will have the right to select 1st overall. If a team has traded their draft pick, the team that holds the draft pick will be entered into the draft lottery in the corresponding position as the original team.  Draft lottery results impact the draft order for the first round only.  All subsequent rounds will be determined solely by the CDCGML Regular Season Standings.

Article 7: Front Office


7.1 – Front Office Budgets


Every team is able to set their clubs front office spending. Each team has $55 million dollars to spread around over four different areas, and each department comes with benefits at certain investment thresholds. These budgets can only be set once per season. The benefits are outlined in the sections below.


7.2 – Medical/Training Facilities

The amount of money invested here dictates which injured players can be placed on injured reserve based on the following scale.


- @ $0 million, 'on injured reserve' can be placed on IR.

- @ $12 million, 'out indefinitely' can be placed on IR.

- @ $15 million, 'expected to miss...' can be placed on IR.

- @ $18 million, 'day to day' can be placed on IR.


7.3 – Player Relations

The amount of money invested here represents locker room and facility upgrades for training, air travel and accommodations, increased PR staff and charity affiliations. These effect a players likelihood in signing or re-signing with your club, how favorably undrafted/college free agents view your club and is a consideration when asking a player to waive a NTC/NMC to join your club. There are no set thresholds in place as each situation is different and it is a sliding scale. The higher the investment, the more favorably players will view your club.


7.4 – Minors Budget

The amount of money invested here is the salary cap for the teams minor club. A team cannot be over this limit at any time during the season.


7.5 – Player Development

The amount of money invested here determines if a club is eligible to utilize the entry level slide rule, and if so, for how many years. Under the ELC slide provision, a player on an entry level contract can have their contract slide to the following year provided:

- the team had the appropriate investment in their Player Development budget at the time the player signed their contract; and

- the player signed their ELC contract prior to their 21st birthday; and

- the player participated in fewer than 10 NHL games during the course of the first season of their contract.


Entry Level Slide Investment Thresholds

- @ $0 million, not eligible for entry level contract slide.

- @ $5 million, eligible for 1 year entry level contract slide.

- @ $8 million, eligible for 2 years entry level contract slide.


NOTE: Players on ELC slide eligible contracts who are traded will not have their ELC slide status transferred to the acquiring team unless the acquiring team also has the appropriate investment in their Player Development Budget to support the ELC slide system. 

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Dates To Remember


Free Agency Negotiations Open - TBD

Qualifying Offers Expire - Dec 18, 2020 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time

Waivers Mandatory - TBD
Regular Buyout window - Open indefinitely, until further notice
Deadline for Opening Night Rosters - TBD

Start of Regular Season - TBD

Holiday Roster Freeze - Dec. 23rd 12:01am - Dec. 27th 8:00am

Deadline to Sign Restricted Free Agents - December 18, 2020 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time
Deadline to Sign Unrestricted Free Agents - TBD

Trade Deadline - TBD

End of Regular Season - TBD

CDCGML Draft Lottery - TBD
Deadline to sign 2019 draft selections - TBD

Summer Buy-out Window - TBD
2021 CDCGML Entry Draft - TBD

Deadline to file for Arbitration - TBD

Deadline to qualify/sign pending RFAs - TBD

Deadline to sign pending UFAs - TBD

Initial Offer Phase of Free Agency - TBD

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How do I join this game?

Send a PM to canuck2xtreme explaining why you want to join and why you feel you would be a good addition to the game. There is a steep learning curve if you are not familiar with the style of the game, so make sure you read our Collective Bargaining Agreement so you are sure you are willing to commit to the game.


Applicants should expect to provide answers for the following questions, at minimum:

 1. Assess your our teams value, and the general direction you'd take. 

 2. Who do you build on? Who do you trade? 

 3. Make a hypothetical trade up, between your team and any other in the league. 


What happens if my team is not over the cap floor or is over the cap ceiling when the season starts?

Teams that have not submitted a cap compliant roster (both active and minors) are not entered into the database to collect points. Any longer than 3 days, and a change in management is likely. During the off-season you can go over the cap by 10% maximum, but need to be compliant when the season begins.


What happens if I make a trade or sign a player and it puts me over the cap?

Any trade or signing that would put either team over or under the salary cap guidelines set forth above will be rejected by the league and will not be processed. To avoid headaches, simply make sure your trades and signings leave you cap compliant.


What if I get banned from CDC? Can I keep GMing my team via email and instant messenger?

No. This game is based on CDC and therefore getting yourself banned from CDC effectively removes you from the game. We have tried this in the past and it's not a tenable situation.

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Future Considerations



To CBJ: NYR 2020 3rd Round Draft Selection (65th overall)

To PHI: Nikita Tryamkin, Future Considerations

FC - If Tryamkin does not return to the NHL for the 2021-22 season, PHI receives CBJ 2022 4th Round Draft Selection

To CBJ: Drake Caggiula

To TOR: Future Considerations

FC - If Tryamkin FCs from PHI trade are not transferred to PHI, the CBJ 2022 4th Round Draft Selection goes to Toronto.


To NYR: Chris Tanev

To PHI: EDM 2021 3rd Round Draft Selection, Conditional 2021 4th Round Pick, Conditional 2022 Round Pick.

Conditional 2021 4th - If Tanev makes playoffs in 2020-21, PHI receives MTL 2021 4th Round Pick. If he does not, no pick is owed.

Conditional 2022 Pick - If Tanev makes playoffs in 2021-22, PHI receives NYR 2022 2nd Round Pick. If he does not, PHI receives NYR 2022 3rd Round Pick.


To PHI: Nick Bjugstad ($1.25 million retained), VGK 2021 3rd Round Draft Selection

To VGK: Frank Vatrano, PHI 2021 4th Round Pick, Conditional Pick

Conditional Pick - If PHI re-signs Bjugstad to an extension, VGK receives NJ 2022 4th Round Draft Selection


To NJ: Brock McGinn

To MTL: Sam Lafferty, Joel Teasdale, Future Considerations

FC - The first 1st Round Draft Selection to come into NJ's possession goes to MTL.

To ANA: Mark Jankowski, Anton Lindholm, Aiden Dudas

To NSH: Michael Raffl, Andy Greene, Future Considerations

FC - If NSH cannot re-sign Michael Raffl and if he is not chosen in expansion draft, ANA sends CHI 2022 4th Round Pick to NSH.


To SJ: Barrett Hayton, Jakub Silfverberg, Ryan Johnson, Conditional 3rd round Pick*
To CBJ: Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Sean Kuraly
Conditional Pick: CBJ sends any 3rd Round pick it chooses to SJ at any time prior to the 2023 GML Entry Draft.  This pick becomes a 2nd round pick if CBJ makes the GML Finals in 2021, and becomes a 1st if CBJ wins the Cup.

To TOR: Jimmy Vesey
To CBJ: WPG 2021 4th Round Pick, Conditional 2022 4th Round Pick
Conditional Pick: If Jimmy Vesey re-signs with GML Toronto AND scores 13 goals next season, CBJ receives LA 2022 4th Round Draft pick.

To WSH: Phillipp Grubauer
To ARI: Steven Lorentz, CHI 2021 4th Round Pick, VAN 2021 4th Round Pick, Conditional 2022 3rd Round Pick
Conditional Pick: If Grubauer re-signs with NHL Colorado, ARI receives BUF 2022 3rd Round Draft pick.

To PHI: Jujhar Khaira
To ARI: Ryan Hartman, Conditional 2022 4th Round Pick
Conditional Pick: If Hartman doesn't re-sign with CBJ, CBJ receives NJ's 4th in 2022; if Khaira is claimed by Seattle in ED the pick transfer is waived.

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Waivers Priority List

Last Updated: May 11, 2021 @ 7:21am

Vegas Golden Knights

Minnesota Wild
Toronto Maple Leafs

Anaheim Ducks
Pittsburgh Penguins
St Louis Blues
Dallas Stars

New York Rangers
Edmonton Oilers
Carolina Hurricanes

Montreal Canadiens

San Jose Sharks

Boston Bruins
Calgary Flames
Los Angeles Kings
Ottawa Senators

Vancouver Canucks

Buffalo Sabres
Tampa Bay Lightning

Columbus Blue Jackets
Chicago Blackhawks

NY Islanders

Nashville Predators

New Jersey Devils
Detroit Red Wings
Winnipeg Jets
Colorado Avalanche
Washington Capitals

Philadelphia Flyers
Florida Panthers
Arizona Coyotes

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Four more years! Four More Years! Great work Exec! Thank you guys for all you do. Just wanted to get that out of the way early and reserve a spot on page one for all things Rangers!


New York Rangers - Armchair Media Network

Armchair Athletics Leisuresports Proudly presents, the opening night lineup,

brought to you by Subway Steak n Cheese with a cherry shot in Dr Pepper

to qualify for the 99cent footlong for the wife, which she proudly wasted on a veggie with buffalo sauce.

Booo Buffalo sauce. haha, but I digress.....

New York Rangers

Brady Tkachuk, Ryan O'Reilly, Victor Rask

 Nick Cousins, Jujhar Khaira, Kyle Okposo

Cody Eakin, Adam Gaudette, Adam Erne

Michael Rasmussen, Casey Mittelstadt, Rasmus Kupari

Justin Bailey *IR*


Marco Scandella, Justin Faulk

Crhistopher Tanev, Matthew Benning

Nikita Zadorov, Shayne Gostisbehere

Olli Juolevi, Scott Harrington


Ilya Samsonov

Braden Holtby



Lake Cowichan Lakers

, Liam Foudy, Dominik Bokk

Dmytro Timashov, Thomas Novak, Nicholas Henry

Brayden Burke, Tim Soderlund, Sampo Ranta

Austin Czarnik, Dale Weise


Carl Dahlstrom, Jesper Lindgren

Yegor Rykov, Braydon Coburn

Parker Wotherspoon, Mitch Eliot

Emil Djuse, Filip Westerlund


Joseph Woll

Kevin Mandolese


as of March 1st 2021

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I love the concept of this!  If it was a more simplistic S-shaped draft where all current NHL players were available, followed by a playoffs (determined by voting as to who advances), I’d probably be interested.    I’ll have to pass for now however:


FYI, I created the following team this past summer and they didn’t make the playoffs:














And so I’ve been bitter about S drafts ever since!

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super happy to see some interest. 


The Rangers are open to picking up an Assistant GM for training purposes, as over the years it has shown effective to have AGM's waiting to be promoted to vacant clubs. I would need a good fit though, and I am a very peculiar person, haha. 


Anyone wishing to apply to be a Rangers AGM: send me a PM and I will conduct some interviews and see if there is a good fit. 

Provided the league exec would approve the idea. 

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Lefreniere Crosby Virtanen

Vatrano Byfield Johansson

Lowry Patrick Tanev

Marody Beagle Sheahan/Ferland


Brodie Fox

Braun Hunt

Reilly Rafferty







Vesalainen Caggiula Morrison

Frederic Leschyshyn Joseph

Mattheos Beckman Legare



Hicketts Davies

Siemens Spence

Greenway Stillman





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48 minutes ago, Primal Optimist said:

super happy to see some interest. 


The Rangers are open to picking up an Assistant GM for training purposes, as over the years it has shown effective to have AGM's waiting to be promoted to vacant clubs. I would need a good fit though, and I am a very peculiar person, haha. 


Anyone wishing to apply to be a Rangers AGM: send me a PM and I will conduct some interviews and see if there is a good fit. 

Provided the league exec would approve the idea. 

Willing to consider this on a case by case basis, but not until all teams have a GM in place.

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