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4 hours ago, Canuck Surfer said:

Just for semantics?  Could we please arrange our cap sheet reflecting MR Crosby as the Oilers 1C?  


We would hate for him to demand a trade on a misunderstanding... :lol:



You gave me Askarov and Turcotte for a 4th line center? :P

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7 hours ago, canuck2xtreme said:

TRADE: The New Jersey Devils have made a trade with the New York Islanders.


To NJ:

small.png Dmitry Orlov

small.png Denis Gurianov



small.png Jason Zucker

small.png Jacob Larsson


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Have some offers and deals in the mix, but nothing concrete. Getting interest in Holl, Forbort and McGinn especially. 

looking to add strong prospects and high picks. 

Any player available for the right price. There’s no ‘asking price’, just offers! You want a player? Give me a reason to not say no!


Goaltending sinking the Habs chances this year but looking to build for next year. 

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10 hours ago, canuck2xtreme said:

TRADE: The Toronto Maple Leafs have made a trade with the Vegas Golden Knights.



small.png Adam Boqvist



small.png Layton Ahac
small.png DET 2021 1st Round Draft Selection

small.png MTL 2021 2nd Round Draft Selection

We are very pleased to say we now have 2 very talented Adam's for our backend moving forward. Adam Fox and Adam Boqvist will be huge cornerstone pieces for us moving forward.


We are heading into the 2021 draft with the mindset that we need to hit on a D pick or 2, so trading our recently acquired DET 1st along with our MTL 2nd for Boqvist made a lot of sense to us. We see him as a solid top 4 offensive defenceman for a long time in this league, and hes already getting NHL minutes. 


We still have our 1st and 2nd pick in the draft and have our eyes set on several defenceman, but we are also still looking to make a trade for a more developed D prospect such as Boqvist. 


When I took over this team, I seen a decent (not great) squad with a lot of aging vets. It made sense to rebuild, especially owning the #1 pick. We moved out Chabot to get the #3 pick, and that move may have had some scratching their heads, but he was due for a hefty raise, and we didnt want to have a LT contract on the books while we mapped our our future plans. We also shipped out our biggest contract in that Chabot deal, moving out Josh Bailey. With the trade we got the 3rd OA pick to go along with the #1 pick. Those 2 picks got us Alexis Lefreniere and Quinton Byfield, and we believe they will make up 2/3rds of our top line for years to come. We also git Jake Virtanen in the move who we feel has top 6 potential, but right now is looking more like a solid bottom 6 guy, which is more than ok with us. Bottom 6 is just as important.


We didn't stop there. We went and aquired more youth to speed up this rebuild and not just strictly "draft and develop", because imo, thats a long proccess, and we want to be in serious contention in 2-4 years time, Not 5+. We acquired guys like Jesse Puljujarvi, Nolan Patrick, Alex Turcotte, and Robby Fabbri. For us we have a very solid future FWD core...


Lefreniere Byfield Puljujarvi

XXXXXX Turcotte Patrick

Virtanen XXXXXX Fabbri



Current FWD prospects:

Connor Zary

Cooper Marody

Nathan Legare

Cameron Morrison

Adam Beckman

Stelio Mattheos

Jake Leschyshyn

Ivan Chekhovich


We feel very strong about our forward group going forward (pun intended)


Our goaltending group was in major need of some juicy prospects. We went into the draft hoping to acquire a top 10 pick to land Yaroslav Askarov, but only managed to get as high as pick 14 which turned into promising young center Connor Zary. We ended up drafting Drew Commesso with the 3rd round pick we received for Danton Heinen. We felt we needed to add another G prospect or 2, because you can never have too many imo. We went and acquired Connor Ingram, and Vitek Vanecek. We felt very good about our G situation. However after a slow start and our playoff hopes basically out the window, we felt it was time to move to a more aggressive rebuild approach. We decided it was best for both Sidney Crosby and us that we parted ways. It would give him a chance to go compete for the cup, while helping us speed up our rebuild. We managed to get our 2020 draft target Yaroslav Askarov with other young pieces to go toward our rebuild. It also costed us Vitek Vanecek, but we feel it was well worth it since we were getting beast mode Askarov.


Goalie Prospects:

Yaroslav Askarov

Connor Ingram

Drew Commesso

Clay Stevenson


Now we move onto our defence. We have tried to acquire as much talent here as possible, but it seems to be the hardest position to trade for in GML at times. Still hasn't stopped us from adding pieces along the way. We already had Adam Fox when we took over the team, and we couldn't be happier to have a guy like him to build our backend around for years to come. We are in talks with his agent trying everything to get a deal done. We are hoping our hard work at improving our Dcore will help those talks going forward, as he is skeptical of the moves made since we have taken over the team. We just went and traded for Adam Boqvist, and we see him as a solid top 4 in our lineup for years to come. We have also added guys like Brogan Rafferty, Cole Hults, and Connor Corcoran. We also still have solid D prospects that was already here when we took over such as Spence, Davis, and Greenway. We would like another blue chip guy like Fox or Boqvist, but if we are not able to trade for 1, we think we are going to be able to get 1 with our 1st pick this year. 


The future is bright here in Toronto. Just a little growing pains to get through before this squad really starts to break out. For the time being our main goal is to get Adam Fox locked up, and looking to add a high end D prospect.



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10 hours ago, canuck2xtreme said:

TRADE: The Arizona Coyotes have made a trade with the Philadelphia Flyers.



small.png P.E. Bellemare

small.png BOS 2022 4th Round Draft Selection


small.png Adam Gaudette

small.png COL 2021 4th Round Draft Selection

Sad Baby GIF by Angry Birds


We sure made a splash with this one right @Squeak?

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58 minutes ago, da.moose said:

What's going on? why is the trade deadline so early this season?

I think it is ingrained behaviour, isn't this near the TDL in a regular year? haha We are all in trade mode by end Feb it seems. 

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10 hours ago, canuck2xtreme said:

TRADE: The New York Rangers have made a trade with the Minnesota Wild.



small.png Shayne Gostisbehere



small.png Connor Carrick

small.png ANA 2022 3rd Round Draft Selection

Shayne has had some setbacks recently, but we realize his talent level and quite honestly, his age,  which is in the range that the majority of Dmen actually reach NHL ready maturity being a factor, It was worth the 3rd and Connor Carrick bring him into the organization. Connor will be missed, however we are pretty sure Ghost slightly below his average ability is still equal to filling Carrick's position. Felt it was too good to pass up the opportunity. Thanks to Dak Prescott for a good negotiating experience, very happy with that and its outcome. Fingers crossed on Ghost reclaiming his potential in this or future seasons. 

10 hours ago, canuck2xtreme said:

TRADE: The New Jersey Devils have made a trade with the New York Islanders.


To NJ:

small.png Semyon Varlamov



small.png Braden Holtby ($2 million salary retained by New Jersey)

small.png Jesper Lindgren

small.png Urho Vaakanainen
small.png NJ 2022 1st Round Draft Selection

small.png NJ 2022 3rd Round Draft Selection

Well, never say never is the take away I guess. I never thought I would trade away Varlamov to be honest. When I swung for the fences the GM accepted after some minor back and forth issues over the small stuff. There was another prospect who was going to come my way, turned into 2m retention instead.


All in all, I am thrilled to bring in Urho Vaakanainen, 22 year old Boston prospect drafted 18th overall in 2017 entry draft. Gold and Silver at the U18 WJC's in two appearances there, and GOLD at the U20 WJC's !!! He has 1 point in one NHL appearance for BOston this year, 1 goal in two appearances on loan to the Finnish Liiga and 0 for 3 games in the AHL this year. High IQ and smooth skating should cement his NHL position for years to come. 

Bringing in Holtby to replace Varly was an integral part of the deal, obviously, and we think we came away in okay position with this swap, always nice to have a 'hometown favourite' in the fold, and we believe Holtby will stand up very well to the job in front of him. 

Jesper Lindgren (4th round 2015 Toronto draftee) is a prospect we like, knowing the Lindgren extended family through my extended family we were comfortable with him coming over in the deal. The Nimble puck carrier patrols the blue line with gusto despite his slim build scouts said "a talented offensive blueliner who plays an adaptive, new-age style of hockey", and that is intriguing for us. He put up 19 points in 45 Liiga games two years ago, 9 points in 31 AHL games last season as he cut his North American teeth and thus far this year has stood out for MODO in the Allsvenskan League in Sweden with 18 points in 25 games!! A great prospect to bring into the fold. The 6 footer will need to add some bulk to his 160 pound frame to gain some longevity in the NHL, but he is not far from being a Big League blueliner in the Rangers sweater. 

On top of the three players, the Goalie to replace Varly and the two blueliner prospects to help our club depth, we also managed to replace the 1st round draft pick we spent on Ilya Samsonov last week, a stellar netminder who will likely have a long smooth NHL career once he secures himself out of "young age". haha. And rounding out the deal was a 3rd to eventually pick up a forward prospect with. Well balanced return and decent return for someone of Semyon Varlamov's quality and character, not to mention point production in the GML!! Many thanks to Mike V, who suffered through a few 'goram dutchmen' jokes and a somewhat lengthy back and forth. I did NOT give up Varly for nothing, I am sure folks will agree. Thanks Mike, was fun working this one out. 



All in all, along with the move to bring in Ilya Samsonov, I think the team is getting re-invigorated and a bit deeper with every move. Something we need to continue in order to further the current trajectory and rise all the way up the charts to fifth in the Division, or what you would call top 12 in the league, haha. 

1st WSH 1261

6th PHI 1291

10th NYI 1149

11th NJD 1121

<--- target

13th CBJ 1081

23rd PITT 879

25th NYR 855

26th CAR 849



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11 hours ago, canuck2xtreme said:

TRADE: The Florida Panthers have made a trade with the Minnesota Wild.



small.png David Pastrnak*



small.png Joe Veleno

small.png PHI 2021 1st Round Draft Selection

small.png WPG 2021 1st Round Draft Selection
small.png CGY 2021 2nd Round Draft Selection

small.png NJ 2021 2nd Round Draft Selection

small.png ARI 2021 3rd Round Draft Selection

small.png MIN 2021 3rd Round Draft Selection

* - The Minnesota Wild do not have an open roster space for Pastrnak. They have 24 hours from now to create one, or the player is automatically placed on waivers in order to be assigned to the minors.

We would like to begin by thanking Ty Webb for the smooth negotiations and we wish him and the Florida Panthers luck on the rebuild. 


When we first took over this organization 2 years ago we had plans to try and stay competitive and win games, but after the first 2 months of our season we were outside of the top 20 in the standings and our only player under 24 was Gabriel Carlsson. Right then and there we knew what needed to be done, this roster needed to blown up and anybody over 24 was a player we were looking to trade. We knew it would be tough. It was tough on players, fans and it was tough on me. Looking at the standings daily and seeing your team in last place everyday is not fun and at times we wondered if this plan we had thought up was going to work. But we stuck through it and while times are still tough the future could not be brighter. This roster has been fully torn down and the only player still on the team that was here 2 years ago it Gabriel Carlsson. The plan we thought up always included being aggressive in the trade market once we thought we were ready, which is why we knew how important it was to acquire as many young assets as possible so that we could one day trade away 2 firsts and a good prospect and still feel amazing about our prospect system. We hope today is an exciting day for Wild fans as we brought in what we felt is a top 5 player in the league who is under contract for 5 years at a fantastic contract! This year was not supposed to be a year where we traded future assets and we were very nervous to do so. We felt that this type of move has happened a year or 2 early in our plan, however we knew that a triple digit point producer is near impossible to find and we could not just rely on lottery balls to give us such an elite talent, we had to seize this opportunity. The big thing that made us comfortable doing this deal was the fact that we didn't give up any high end prospects or any high 1st round picks. It  also  felt like it was time to show core players like Thomas, Necas and Garland that this team won't just be an embarrassing NHL roster  trying to acquire picks and prospects forever, we are here to win and we hope that this sends that message to all members of the Wild organization. Now we know the work is not done by any means in Minnesota and we aren't just going to immediately start winning, in fact we may not be ready to compete for another 2 years but we are coming for the top teams in this league and we think this Pasta deal just pushes up our competitive timeline. 


Finally we would like to personally thank fans, players and execs for sticking with us through this rebuild, we know it has been ugly but a bright bright future is on the way and we are very excited. 

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9 hours ago, Canuck Surfer said:

Just for semantics?  Could we please arrange our cap sheet reflecting MR Crosby as the Oilers 1C?  


We would hate for him to demand a trade on a misunderstanding... :lol:



The irony of the quote in your sig now that you've got Crosby....  :lol:

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