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4 minutes ago, theo5789 said:

This is where your opinion goes as a non-GM of the league ;)


The things you're going to have to do to get back your GM position now.

Nervous Women GIF by Worcester Warriors

As much as I'd like to agree with you here, it doesn't really lower the temperature that has clearly gotten out of hand while I was gone.  So let's just, cool that a bit please theo :lol:

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When I stated my opinion (not sure if you got a chance to read it amidst all the chaos) it was for discussion purposes.


In no way was I trying to start an uproar or push any GM's in the direction of quitting. As a long termed GM not part of the executive team I just wanted to give voice to the members that may not have spoken up on their own and because I though the timing of the rule change (regardless of the rule change) was unjust to the teams that have built according to the rules currently in place.


I was under the wrong impression of what the rule change was and I am somewhat indifferent though if it were a vote I would vote against it. However, the timing of it I really don't like.


I've been thinking of some ways to promote parity and roster realism in this league. Maybe a rule of a team needing a certain amount of NHL players (18) currently on NHL teams should be mandatory when making a trade. It would add an element of strategy to the game as sellers would need to consider young players or show commitment to free agents just in order to be allowed to make trades.


All and all I really hope the guys that quit stay because they all make the league way way better. 


To me, this is still the best fantasy sports league I've ever played in and still has potential to improve. Hopefully we can work through this process respectfully and with open minds as a lot of us clearly care way too much about this league and that is what makes it so damn great.

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21 minutes ago, canuck2xtreme said:

What I am against is 'do it my way or I quit'.  I'm the kind of person where once someone tells me that, no matter how reasonable their position is, I dig in.  I'm not being forced to do anything like that.  Whether I'm being unreasonable or not.  I'm willing to discuss implementation, but in a calm and rational manner.  Threats will get you nowhere. 

To be fair it may seem like I quit because I wasn't getting my way but thats just not the case. I actually was really irritated especially after making some of the moves I did, but I got over it.


I just really got annoyed with getting the exact same response over and over and people not taken my concerns into account. Instead simply explaining me losing odds half way through a season wasnt bad because my odds from winning 1st only dropped 3%. If they understood the rule clearly and really read my concerns you wouldn't have had to clear up the rule tonight.


I agree this got way out of hand and a lot of thats on myself, but if your going to drop a bombshell like that be available for a bit, eh? :lol:


I never meant any ill will in anything I said. All I can say is I hope you and some others can truly see where i am/was coming from and not take anything personally. As for GM role if yall will havr me back ill gladly come back. If not I understand, and will still follow the league going forward.


Deepest apologies @canuck2xtremefor the misunderstanding.

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