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3 hours ago, greensman said:

Who else has been here a long time?
-PO? When did you join?

-Bomba was here a long time... hopefully cools and comes back. 

-Sergei Bobrovsky, when did you join? 
-Paul? When did you join the first time? 

still counts. :metal: Hell, I took some time, am doing a limited gig in LA, and soon will move on to my 3rd team :lol:

Go to page 1 or 2 at check archives you'll see who 99% of our gms are/were

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2 hours ago, Primal Optimist said:

I took on the SJS first  but as a replacement GM, "RQ'd" and came back as the Rangers, "RQ'd" again and realized I was being crabby and apologized and rejoined before a new GM was hired. Been here ever since. Love the league, love the people, love my team.

You succeeded Venom52 after he had the Sharks for years 1 and 2.

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The Florida Panthers organization has shifted its strategy to a retool and we have spoken to all our players and they are aware of the circumstance. Our goal is to take care of our existing players pending UFA's so they may have an opportunity to win a championship.


The following players are available:

Leo Komarov (NYI)

Cal Clutterbuck (NYI)

Joakim Nordstrom (CGY)

Wayne Simmonds (TOR)


Will consider offers on the following:

Charlie Coyle (BOS)

Nick Jensen (WSH)


Thank you for your consideration,


Ty Webb

General Manager

Florida Panthers


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6 hours ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:

Go to page 1 or 2 at check archives you'll see who 99% of our gms are/were

Oh god, So sorry Mike. Here I am taking a survey, thinking I’m reinventing the wheel, while some kind soul has gone and compiled it all and spreadsheeted it nicely for us... 


thanks buddy, I think I forget about the archives cause they are floundering on page 2. Do me a favour, and get it right next year? :frantic: 


Geesh, hard to find good help these days.

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I didn't record everything at first, but my team history now records all the events I think are relevant to the Rangers historical notes. 


My first recorded trade was 

Feb 8th 2013 trade Trent Hunter, FC of a pick swap of 3rds benefitting NYR nil. two mill salary buried in minors FC complete Ottawa

I have since gotten a little more anal, lol. My more recent trade that has been announced in thread (several more coming)

Feb 15th PM 2021 TRADE Ilya Samsonov, Dominik Bokk, Rasums Kupari Nick Robertson, Antti Raanta, Louis Domingue, NYR 1st 2022   Carolina/TonyRomo

and I have recently seen via the team history that the player with the longest tenure as a Ranger is: Connor Murphy, and we are so happy to still have him here!

Mar 8th 2013 trade Sami Salo, Connor Murphy, Robert Bortuzzo and Corey Cowick TJ Galiardi, Darroll Powe, Colin White and Scott Kosmachuk Vancouver

it is a rich history; One year our goaltender of great reknown actually scored a goal and THAT little nugget of 99 points or so put us just over the top and into the Playoffs. As it was and is our only post season appearance, the fans still remember it fondly while arguing over the issue of firing me or my coach from time to time. ; )


EDIT: Looking back in the dead letter files of the Fantasy Hockey section, GML 11-12 I was listed as the Rangers GM already and thatMike was listed as the SJS GM already... did i join in 10-11? It would seem it has in fact been a full decade! wow. Time Flies when you are having fun. 



This post from the 11-12 season makes me pretty sure that it was my first season with the Rangers. Looking for a hiring post to confirm. IN the meantime, I think this was me posting what I had found to be the Rangers inaugural draft results from year 1. haha, 


New York Rangers Original Draft looks like:




Scott Neidermeyer

Brian Little

Chris Campoli








Ian WHite

Eric Belanger

John Mitchell




Pascal Dupuis

PJ Axelsson

Marty Reasoner

Chris Phillips


and the winner is: Mr. Matt Stajan! The only remaining player on the roster...honourable mention Eric Belanger, welcome back via waivers, lol. Time and Time again, you hear GM's speaking of finding that perfect bottom six center to build a team around. Clearly in New York, that dream was a reality. :lol: Really makes me glad that since I took over, we have worked hard to keep our core intact.


As for my predecessors, about the only thing I would say in general that went badly in the draft would be drafting older great players in some cases. I think I would have gone younger with the entry draft, but who knows.


Edit, yes I appreciate the irony in that I just re-signed Gonchar and Spacek, keeping them from the retirement home 'staring window' for another year.

Aha, I had the sharks around November 2011, and the Rangers by th end of that year. I am up to speed now. lol, making notes at the bottom of my team sheet so i don't have to search in another decade. 


Huh, so this was the day, eh Sharpie?



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Heads up.



You guys will need to find a new General Manager for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

OMG Sharpie, that quote above was a ban you got before you even recruited me into the GML!!! LOL....I thought it was the long one, but nope. 

I know this because i just found my hiring to the Sharks post. I officially joined GML on September 18th 2011. Yay me.



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HIRING: The League is pleased to announce the hiring of Primal Optimist as the new General Manager of the San Jose Sharks.

Best I can find is that after March 6th of 2012 is when i joined the Rangers, and they finished that year 4th worst, I think. Three days ago i was 5th worst. Progress!! hehe. 

AHA April 9th 2012 I took over the Rangers, solved!


Hello everyone, and thank you for welcoming me back. A little faster than I was expecting, and greatly appreciated. I have just checked out the team and am very enthused, going forward. Dogbyte, I know is an active and respected member of canucks dot com, but for whatever reason seemed to forget about the fantasy league here. I will try to do well by the Rangers, and will get to it tomorrow.


First question: would an exec double check on Christian Thomas' draft year..i don't want to lose him to a typo this off season. Thanks. Best of luck to all GM's heading into the playoffs..but as you likely know, I am a huge underdog fan...so Go 8th Seeds Go!


Edited by Primal Optimist
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One last reminiscing post: WILB, gone but not forgotten. The only GML GM to die in office. Rest in Peace. 

  On 8/27/2011 at 4:11 PM, Wilb said:

Dallas GM has recieved some great news, and would like to share with the group. I was diagnosed with Cancer on January 6th, and since then have had surgery, and underwent 12 rounds of chemotherapy over a 6 month period. I am now done, and got the results of my CT Scan of friday, and have been declared cancer-free.... :)

I really want to thank Curt and the others who work so hard on this pool, as it took my mind away from the real world on many occasions while fighting this crappy disease...




Really makes any subtle rule changes seem incredibly insignificant. 

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Last call for Mike Reilly. Cheap pending UFA point producer (66 fantasy points so far) that is also a pending UFA in the NHL and thus could be a TDL target for a playoff team down the road. Will be making a decision in the next day or two.

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