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On that note, apologies for being quiet in the thread. Will endeavour to be better.


Kind of got into that mindset of being a burn year in my rebuild where I want to give my young players the season to develop, and show what they've got.


As such, have not had a tonne of impetus to engage in trade talks while my kids are still rising like bread in the oven. Don't want to pull out too soon, yaknowwhatimean.

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45 minutes ago, theminister said:


F) The only major sticking point for me would be the transparency of the lottery randomization, and how that would be implemented. But that's easily accomplished with some forethought.

I don’t know if this is actually a thing or not yet but curt had told me when I asked that they were looking at streaming it live on discord group. Maybe curt can confirm?

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Maple Leafs are looking to shed a bit of Minors cap and the following players may be available to do so..


Connor Zary - 2021 1st and/or D prospect

Cameron Morrison

Nathan Legare

Jake Leschyshyn

Stelio Mattheos

Joe Hicketts

Clay Stevenson

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12 hours ago, Rush17 said:

Join us on the Official Travian: Legends Discord server! - Travian: Legends  Blog


We have setup a new discord server to help get rid of some of the extra bodies hanging around the old server. We also now have the ability to update roles, team tags, as well as add new channels to our server! Very fun times. We are not fully setup yet but is almost there! We currently have 20/31 GM's in the server. If you have not received your invite link on discord please pm me for a direct link. Let me know if you need that invite! Hope to see the remaining few members pop in soon.


24/31 have checked in and joined the discord.


We are missing:

@greensman (LA)

@Zenflamesfan (CGY)

@winterhawks (OTT)

@snowflake (MTL)

@ThatMike (SJS)



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