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1 hour ago, Bombastik der Teutone said:

just FYI ... i ll consider untill tomorrow if i return to the blues.



Not sure that’s how it works..?


edit: after seeing follow up post, I’m definitely sure that’s not how it works :lol: 


Can someone fill me in on why some people are so bitter and angry? This is a pretty cool game. What’s everyone’s issue?

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2 minutes ago, Bombastik der Teutone said:

mmhhhh, you´re a cuck and im into this league nearly 10 years?  ya?

10 years and you rage quit over that?? Wow bud :lol:  Sounds like you’re a real pro. 

You sound like a bitter ex. You stay classy. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 

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1 minute ago, Bombastik der Teutone said:

whatever you guys decide, i ll stay in this league  for this the season , after this ....i ll see


if you wont me back for now ..its oky..but shut the &^@# up you godverdomme newbies

Again, pretty sure that’s not how this works.

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I don't wanna be a bouncer that gets punched in the face by two guys fighting outside the club, but I do hope that we can all stop trying to make this WWE Fantasy Sports Entertainment (*although now that i type that, it does sound fun) 


let us all just get back to our fun little teams doing our fun little trades and not let language and irritability get in our way? 


Covid time has put everyone on pins and needles, I suggest we give some grace where it is needed and move on to funner things. 


I will miss you Bomba if you decide not to come back, so please do continue to play the Blues. It is a better league with you in it.

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