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54 minutes ago, greensman said:

Mmmmm... Morse code, smoke signals and telex... 

You will regret that, I can hear Morse code, translate to alphanumeric, type and retransmit phrasing to English from Russian at 55 words a minute. Left over skills from a previous life. 

Di di duh di , di di duh, duh di duh di, duh di duh.

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Hello all,


To those who sent me PMs that had anything to do with things that are not a trade/IR posting or other update, I will be getting to your PMs as soon as I can, but for the moment I am just working on getting the updates finally done.  Just so you don't feel ignored :lol:



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While I'm at it, please note the alteration I've made to the waivers spot on the team charts, where players who have recently cleared waivers have their waivers exempt status shown in a note you can see by hovering your mouse over the bold word 'Waivers'.  This information is also listed on the players personal info.


This is in keeping with this clause in the CBA:


5.4 – Waivers


- Unclaimed players can either be placed into your clubs minor league system or back onto the active roster. Your team must designate where your player is to go either at the time of being placed on waivers, or shortly after the 24 hour waiver period has expired. If a player clears waivers, they will not be subject to waivers for the 14 day period after they cleared.

Edit: I am adding this moving forward, but if I have missed a player who has recently cleared let me know. Thanks.

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