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4 hours ago, Ty Webb said:

A sweet ride pulling a sweet ride and I just need three more waiver claims for my six pack.


it’s like picking up little versions of @theminister which makes a crazy pit crew, fun...but crazy!

A few years in a row this was the Rangers plan..but it led to this...

Syria's Refugee Children Need Education, Lest They Become a Lost Generation  | Global Communities

so we had to change tactics. 

((edit: had a peak at the "points this month" sort option in pickup and we are the 2nd best team not currently in the top dozen of league standings, for the month of March so far, at 13th most points in March))

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22 minutes ago, canuck2xtreme said:

Hey guys,


So I've been trying to get a poll up on here about the Draft Lottery changes for a few days, but I can't seem to get one up. I don't see the option.  Frustrating.


Anyways, I'll ask the question here, and you guys can make your vote by liking this post in the appropriate manner prior to midnight Sunday night. 




Would you prefer the changes to the draft lottery take effect for the 2021 Entry Draft, or wait until the 2022 Entry Draft?


Like this post with the Vintage goal light to vote for the immediate change for the 2021 Entry Draft.

Like this post with the Sedinery logo to vote to wait until the 2022 Entry Draft.

I think you need to start a whole new thread to create a poll FWIW.

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The Florida Panthers would consider trading the following players and we would be willing to take on cap space for this season

Brian Dumoulin (PIT)

Leo Komarov (NYI)

Nick Holden (VGK)

Austin Czarnik (NYI)

Cal Clutterbuck (NYI)


Ty Webb

Managing General

Florida Panthers


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3 hours ago, Rush17 said:

I like chaos. So I voted for this year. Why not give the team with my pick better odds at winning the lotto.:lol:

I voted for this year too, but because I hate chaos: The Rangers have made tens of millions of dollars of roster changes since the change this year was announced in thread. 

voting to stick with that announcement, despite my original concern that the change should not affect the coming draft. Now changing to next year affects the moves I have made since the change was posted for this year. LOL: fun shouldn't be this complicated. 


I now have no opinion worth talking about on the subject, its in my vote. 


How about them Rangers folks? :emot-parrot::metal::towel:

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