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this has been exhausting…



Im still having fun after all these years, and would be happy to contribute to the league more.


And my two cents for the zero people that asked for it…

Many of us know @theminister personally, and I’m sure we would all agree that there was no chance of intentional maliciousness here…

that being said Primal was obviously effected, and didn’t feel listened to, which is probably more the part we should all improve on in the group.


But then again, as a total side note, I didn’t appreciate Primal’s use of transphobic language in the Discord… 

So I’ll officially be team Minister on this one.

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2 minutes ago, theminister said:

So the first mistake was picking one spot too early in front of Agent.


How the hell does he think that's about him?


Personally I think the league should give me your '22 2nd rounder for that affront.


I feel affronted sir.

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3 minutes ago, ThatMike said:

, I didn’t appreciate Primal’s use of transphobic language in the Discord… 

everything else aside: my sincere apologies for using transphobic language, I don't recall it and i have left the server, so i can't see it. I would never want to knowingly use such offensive language though, many people near and dear to me are in the LGBTQ2+ world and believe fully in the equality of all peoples. 

There are no 'team' so and so. This was just the final straw for me and this is my final post in GML. I appreciate your pointing out the obvious in that not feeling heard after being genuinely affected is the de facto last straw. My thanks to the majority of you for some good times. adios.

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Well I have to say I had a lot of fun yesterday and would like to thank @canuck2xtreme and @Rush17 for hosting as well as their had work making the draft happen. If there’s anyone else that helped i appreciate you as well. 

St.Louis is very excited with the young prospects we selected in the 2021 Draft.


We feel we had some draft day steals and wish our selections the best of luck in their pursuit of their dreams.

Drafting Svechkov 7th overall was a little off the board for some GM’s we are sure but we could not pass on him and believe his future is bright. We see him being a big part of our franchise for years to come.


We have more work to do this off-season but we also feel we are off to a great start Re- Building the St. Louis Blues.


Pending some RRA’s that are in queue could we get a roster update please


St. Louis Blues


Jakub Vrana - Matt Duchene - V Olofsson

van Riemsdyk - Colin White - Jordan Kyrou

Timo Meier - Rocco Grimaldi - Filip Zadina

Yakov Trenin - Travis Boyd - Sammy Blais


Hampus Lindholm - Jamie Oleksiak

Brian Dumoulin - Moritz Seider

Andrej Sekera - Gustav Lindstrom

Ben Hutton


Kaapo Kahkonen

James Reimer



Greenville Swamp Rabbits


Gage Quinney - Anton Lundell - Kody Clark

Joona Luoto - Grant Mismash - K Okulov

John Quenneville - Matt Filipe - 

Allan McShane - Curtis Douglas - Z Magwood


Maxime Lajoie - Kaedan Korczak

Ty Emberson - Filip Johansson

Jarret Tyszka - Filip Berglund

Luke Green


Olivier Rodrigue

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Yesterday was awesome, my favourite day of the year.


I want to be super clear on one thing:


I was in the room with theminister yesterday, and the combatant above was never discussed or even mentioned once. We were two guys having a blast at our favourite event of the year. 

 GM’s got a sneak peak at one of our more knowledgable GM’s picks, that’s all that actually happened. 

EVERYTHING mentioned is completely fabricated and ridiculous, and that is the 100% truth. 

there is no scenario where the departed GM does not owe a gigantic and heartfelt apology. I would’ve been saddened for the loss to the league, but under these circumstances, I won’t spend more time on this than it took to write this post. 



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Yikes. I'm sure that cooler heads can prevail, sad to see a long timer in PO leave. Not easy managing 32 personalities and desires and level of commitment, so kudos to everyone involved for running the ship for 10+ years. 


Hope it can be water under the bridge but seems like something a lot bigger.

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@canuck2xtreme, respectfully request you give PO a bit of a breather. He’s certainly someone who deserves our patience and support as a long-standing GM who has been an exemplary GM. $&!# happens, we say things and we’ll get through it. 

Cheers boys. 

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             GML DRAFT RESULTS






small.png 2 37 Antonni Honka D
small.png 4 97 Adam Wilsby D
small.png 4 118 Arturs Silovs G
small.png 4 125 Aku Koskenvuo G





small.png 1 1 Owen Power D
small.png 1 19 Sebastian Cossa G





small.png 1 14 Jesper Wallstedt G
small.png 1 15 Fabian Lysell RW
small.png 2 56 Aleksi Heimosalmi D
small.png 2 57 Jack Peart D
small.png 3 66 Tristan Broz C
small.png 3 91 Kyle Masters D





small.png 1 11 Chaz Lucius C
small.png 2 43 Kirill Kirsanov D
small.png 3 80 Artyom Grushnikov D
small.png 4 92 Vladislav Lukashevich D
small.png 4 100 Eetu Liukas RW
small.png 4 106 Lorenzo Canonica C/LW
small.png 4 107 Jackson Blake F
small.png 4 121 Ty Gallagher






small.png 1 22 Aatu Raty C
small.png 2 47 Stanislav Svozil D
small.png 2 54 Danila Klimovich C





small.png 2 58 Brent Johnson D




small.png 1 16 Isak Rosen LW
small.png 3 74 Anton Olsson D





small.png 1 10 Cole Sillinger C
small.png 2 42 Logan Stankoven C
small.png 2 59 Ilya Fedotov LW
small.png 2 61 Dylan Duke C
small.png 3 76 Samuel Knazko D
small.png 4 112 Colton Dach C/LW
small.png 4 116 Alex Jefferies LW





small.png 1 9 Dylan Guenther RW
small.png 2 41 Scott Morrow D
small.png 3 86 Gage Goncalves C
small.png 3 87 Tyler Angle C
small.png 4 105 Magnus Chrona G
small.png 4 128 Florian Elias C





small.png 1 25 Francesco Pinelli C
small.png 1 26 Matthew Knies LW
small.png 1 27 Nikita Chibrikov RW
small.png 1 30 Tyler Boucher RW
small.png 1 31 Shai Buium D





small.png 1 18 Matt Coronato LW
small.png 2 50 Evan Nause D
small.png 3 96 Tristan Lennox G





small.png 1 4 Brandt Clarke D
small.png 2 34 Wyatt Johnston C
small.png 3 88 Olivier Nadeau RW
small.png 4 98 Cameron Whynot D
small.png 4 103 Riley Kidney C
small.png 4 114 Daniil Lazutin C
small.png 4 120 Guillaume Richard D





small.png 1 12 Cam York D
small.png 3 65 Brett Harrison C





small.png 1 21 Sasha Pastujov LW
small.png 2 53 Josh Doan RW
small.png 2 64 Red Savage C





small.png 1 13 Simon Edvinsson D
small.png 2 45 Zach Dean C
small.png 3 62 Aleksi Malinen D
small.png 3 63 Justin Robidas C
small.png 4 111 Vinny Iorio D
small.png 4 123 Niko Huuhtanen RW





small.png 1 20 Corson Ceulemans D
small.png 2 52 Samu Salminen C/LW
small.png 3 84 Chase Stillman RW
small.png 3 95 Alexei Kolosov G





small.png 2 40 Mikhail Abramov C
small.png 2 60 Ayrton Martino LW
small.png 3 72 Aidan Hreschuk D
small.png 3 78 Leevi Merilainen G
small.png 3 79 Landon Slaggert LW/C
small.png 4 101 Jackson Hallum F
small.png 4 108 Juuso Pärssinen C
small.png 4 115 Victor Sternbjorg C/LW
small.png 4 119 Jackson Kunz C
small.png 4 122 Mason Millman D
small.png 4 124 Elmer Soderblom LW/RW
small.png 4 126 Patrik Hamrla G
small.png 4 127 Adam Raska LW/RW





small.png 1 6 Mason McTavish C
small.png 1 8 Kent Johnson C
small.png 1 24 Mason Lohrei D
small.png 2 39 Mackie Samoskevich C
small.png 3 71 Zayde Wisdom C





small.png 1 17 Zach Bolduc C
small.png 2 48 Sean Behrens D
small.png 2 49 William Stromgren LW
small.png 2 55 Olen Zellwegger D
small.png 3 90 Ryan Ufko D
small.png 3 94 Vladislav Kolyachonok D
small.png 4 113 Oscar Plandowski D





spacer.png 1 2 William Eklund LW
spacer.png 2 35 Daniil Chayka D
spacer.png 3 67 Alexander Kisakov C
spacer.png 4 99 Ryan Winterton C





small.png 1 7 Fyodor Svechkov C
small.png 1 29 Oskar Olausson LW
small.png 2 38 Brennan Othmann LW
small.png 3 75 Ryder Korczak C
small.png 3 81 Nolan Allan D
small.png 3 85 Jack Bar D
small.png 4 104 Joshua Roy C
small.png 4 110 Peter Reynolds C





small.png 1 3 Luke Hughes D
small.png 2 36 Simon Robertsson RW
small.png 2 46 Ville Koivunen LW
small.png 3 68 Prokhor Poltapov RW
small.png 3 69 Connor Roulette LW
small.png 3 70 Logan Mailloux D
small.png 3 73 Cole Huckins C
small.png 3 83 Liam Dower Nilsson C
small.png 4 102 Owen Murray D
small.png 4 111 Trevor Wong C





small.png 1 5 Matt Beniers C
small.png 1 28 Zach L'Heureux C
small.png 1 32 Carson Lambos D
small.png 2 33 Xavier Bourgault RW
small.png 2 44 Samu Tuomaala RW
small.png 2 51 Benjamin Gaudreau G
small.png 3 89 Kirill Gerasimyuk G
small.png 4 109 Samuel Helenius C





small.png 1 23 Yegor Chinakhov LW
small.png 3 82 Oliver Kapanen C





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