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Would you? (Proposal)

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I wouldn't.


I think you're undervaluing the cost of dumping Johnson.  As much as I'd love to poach Foote - I think if you scratch the surface of Johnson's past few seasons you'll realize that he's been considerably worse that appearances at a glance.

Additionally Tampa will not be able to protect Foote in the e.d. - so I don't think you'd necessarily have to eat such a hefty cap dump as Johnson to make that happen (4 x 5 / 20 million = something this franchise absolutely does not/cannot have moving forward) = I think you're underestimating the cost of dumping him, particularly in this climate.  Adding Lind to that deal imo is an overpayment.  I realize some people will disagree with the assessment / consider Johnson to have more serviceable value relative to his cap hit, but I think that's based more on dated impressions than a hard look at his outcomes in recent years.  His past few seasons - in context - are worse than they appear - his production two seasons ago -  considerably inflated / poor relative to his linemates - this past season was probably more indicative of what you're getting (if people here hated Gagner, unless Johnson were to turn around his 'trending'....)   Just not a risk I'd take.

Wouldn't spend the 1st to dump LE either.  I'd be more inclined to simply ride that out, and leverage the (longshot) possibility of termination, waiving him unconditionally regardless (almost unfortunate the stick option of riding AHL busses is in doubt).


Giving up a 1st and Lind - moving one expiring contract and LE's two years - while eating 4 years of Johnson - not the route I'd take.   If we're bent on acquiring Foote it may be possible by other means - I'd prefer to give up a bit more prospect/pick value to make that happen and rule Johnson out (I also think there are a couple other options for Tampa to move cap at less cost...(guys like Palat or Killorn, who, like Pearson here, represent more moveable contracts.   


The real dealbreakers for me are the 4 yrs of Johnson and the necessity to move that 1st in order to create the space to make that happen.


The bottom line - this team has an opportunity to clean up it's cap health with the expiration of Eriksson in two years (Ferland's one year remaining at that point/his health aside) - those two following years imo should be a priority - to maximize - at a critical juncture for the emerging core. I think the last thing I'd be doing right now is finding ways to saddle themselves with contracts like this that extend beyond the next two years..  I just don't think they need the asset value as much as the cap flexibility - ie buying an asset by eating Johnson imo is not the right priority (nor is spending that 1st/future in order to facilitate it).   Good money after bad.

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On 11/15/2020 at 10:07 PM, janisahockeynut said:

OK, I put this up on the HF Boards

But, I have not been roastedough, so I will put it here, so you can do so.....

Merry Christmas  Jan 


We all want to improve this team Right D depth is my main concern. Having said that I dont think Tampa does this deal. I would suggest signing Folin  and  Bowey to min contracts to fill in place at least one on the Taxi squad. JB could use 

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On 11/17/2020 at 5:43 PM, Lazurus said:

Tampa is in a Gordian knot. Cirelli, Sergachev and Cernak all need new contracts with raises, they need around 10 mil in cap space

Well wasn't that convenient, Kucherov on LTIR = 9.5 mil

On 12/24/2020 at 9:29 PM, lmm said:

that 3rd line might go down in Canuck history as the most hated line of all time.  .   .   .


by their own fans



I think the playoffs showed us that Tyler Motte has more to give than any of your bottom six, including Adam Gaudette

Funny thing, fans will hate the players but not the architect of the franchise, his vision, no one else's.


So many fans react like the player's put a gun to JB's head and somehow forced him to create, offer and sign these contracts.


If I offered up $1000 to you for sweeping the floor would you take it? Especially if you were going to be paid even if you only did half a job.


If a single player failed to meet expectations then maybe some criticism but when 5 or 6 do then who? 5 or 6 players or the single individual that signs all the contracts?


Fans will have to bite the bullet on this season.


The team would be smart to start creating a scenario that it was all planned out, that this was a plan, an all in approach to try to make the playoffs followed up with a step back.


It will be great to see which team is the best in Canada.

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