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[Fired] Mark Donnelly

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Just now, Kevin Biestra said:


Well anyway, I guess wait until the first time you have a similar different opinion from more powerful people about something that has nothing to do with your job performance and see how it goes for your livelihood and if you feel the same then.

Unfortunately alot of times....


Money talks....merit walks.



Yes, that's a young James Bond in that movie clip lol....

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2 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

The only way Sean Bean was going to be able to live to the end of anything was to give him his own show.


I loved Donnelly as our singer, but Marie Hui is a more than satisfactory replacement.  At the end of the day, Aquilini thinks employing him after publicly performing at this event damages his brand; he's more than within his rights to fire someone who is extremely replaceable.

I mean it ain't even a firing. Pretty sure anthem singers are gig work that is paid per performance rather than on a contract or on a salary.

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