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[Fired] Mark Donnelly

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2 hours ago, Squamfan said:

If u find a anti masker who played beer league hockey goalie. Ask them why u wear a mask. 100% he going to answer for my protection. Then replay my asking a n95 is for the same thing. This is how dumb those people are.

Yeah defintely, those are the flat earth dimwits, like that retard who owns a yoga studio who broke quarantine and bragging about it. That 45 year old goof deserves jail time and the 300k$ fine. Geez, 45 and still dressing up like hes a backstreet boy, real cool buddy

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7 hours ago, GarthButcher5 said:

I certainly respect the Aquilini's decision. No one would know who Mark Donnelly even is if not for the Canucks.  I am certain the pandemic has cost the Canucks millions of dollars and they have an employee seemingly flaunting the rule and potentially making it worse.


Mark Donnelly has not lost any of his free speech. He still has every right to attend the rally and sing if he wishes. This doesn't stop anything in this respect. Only now, he cannot do it as a representative of the Canucks whereby he is potentially making the Canucks look bad.


I think any company in Canada would be concerned if they had an employee doing something that would possibly embarrass the company, this would be against their standards of conduct.

Exactly. Aquallini deserves the right to run his company the way he sees fit. He didn't break any laws, theres no contract, no union involved etc. so theres no foul. Free speech doesn't mean you're free of consequences. I can say just blast this forum with cursing and foul language, you can be sure CDC moderators are going to take action

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8 hours ago, debluvscanucks said:

Anti maskers are a joke...

The only joke is the term "anti-masker" becoming a pejorative.  Like your right to have a face and breathe uninhibited is now grounds for shaming people.


they'd likely wear:  a hallowe'en mask to a party; a balaclava skiing; a full face motorcycle helmet; etc..  But this cotton piece????....don't make me do it

You wear a Halloween mask once a year, twice tops.  You wear a balaclava while your on the slopes and a motorcycle helmet while your riding your bike.  You don't wear any of these things all day, every day for 9 months and counting...  What an absolutely asinine comparison.

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3 hours ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:



This is kind of reasoning I'd expect from a first grader.  The fact a supposed adult came up with this laughably simplistic analogy is much scarier than any virus.

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I can't help but think of the old saying..."it's over when the fat lady sings".  I normally wouldn't post that because fat shaming isn't cool, but he sings and it's over so it resonates.  And I agree with what some others are saying....the entire team made huge strides in a bubble and wearing masks in order to keep others safe and continue playing.  Following their lead seems like a no brainer.  "We're all in this together" is a powerful message and I'm proud of FA for sharing it.  In or out.


Those stating it's a slippery slope don't understand that a novel coronavirus that's spreading throughout the world and is killing people isn't an everyday occurrence.  Another saying that comes to mind is "desperate times call for desperate measures".  These are unusual circumstances.   People are reacting to this like it's a permanent ask, it's not.  We're being asked to TEMPORARILY do some things differently to help get us through this deal.  Until we have vaccines in place.  And the refusal to do so is questionable.  That, to me, is more fear based than the fear of the virus.  It's being sensible and taking whatever measures we can to help in a worldwide fight to combat this thing.


For many who are taking a stand...THEY'RE fearful that the Gov't recommendations some how mean they're trying to control us.  We shouldn't NEED controlling or enforcement but the polite "asks" have led us here.  There are some who will rise up against things just because it makes them feel empowered as they climb on their soapbox and rally the crowds.  The spotlight.  But being kind and considerate to others is also very empowering....when you don't think in terms of what you're giving up, but what you're giving to others.


Think of it like charity....where, sure, you can just be selfish and not worry about others.  Thank goodness many do think beyond me, myself and I.

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For the clowns on here that say people should have a choice regarding wearing a mask, well aquaman has the choice to hire and fire anyone he chooses 


see ya Mark 


when Covid hits your your fat a$$, when some non mask wearing fool sprays covid on you, I hope they find a box big enough for you 

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So why aren’t they protesting “ no shirt no shoes no service”.

No mask = no treatment if you get the disease. 
Ignorance is bliss until you need a ventilator. 


same goes for all the albertians ontarities Nova Scotians travellers plaguing our communities no doubt collecting the CRB payments.

shouldn’t  qualify for treatment or payment outside your permanent address province. 

Someone could make a killing selling tin foil hats at these idiot rallies. 

Maybe donkey i mean Donnelly can run around and trip over a rug  and Chris Farley Fall  down while singing. Guys always be a side show clown Atleast for me.

calgary can have him but he’ll have to work on his fake southern accent and Stupid country music  themed anthems  in order to qualify. 


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The national anthem means I tuned in too early and will be back in a bit. 
I have been saying this for a long time, these aren’t national teams and there is no reason for the anthem anyway and certainly no reason for two. The teams are made up of Canadians, Russians, Swedes, Finns, Czechs, German, French, Swedish and American, maybe we should sing all those anthems instead. 
It is a silly tradition that has been causing more trouble than good over the last several years. 
We don’t sing the anthem at movies anymore. It is time to get rid of it in professional sports. 
I guess when you are at the game it tells you it is time to get your beer and get to your seat but that is about it. 

I don’t think it is even worth engaging with any of the anti-mask stupidity at this point. These people know they are just being oppositional for the sake of being oppositional and are callous enough to not care about the extra number of people that die because they are snowflakes. 

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1 hour ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

as someone who's had 4 close friends who've caught corona, and one of them's had it twice, because she's an essential worker, and one who committed suicide because  corona caused her so much pain she had to end it, **** you mark donnelly.

How about F you to the government who LIED to us and told us NOT to wear masks for months until finally relenting and saying to WEAR masks. That's when everyone was dying. This same government who also told us eggs were bad for us for decades and had a food pyramid that caused obesity and now admits actually eggs are good for you.

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