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Are you Pro-mask or Anti-mask?


Are you Pro-mask or Anti-mask?  

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Staying practical and pragmatic and don`t make everything politicized like political industry wants like news corporations pundits and politicians,podcasts etc.

Just stay out of that,Just wear mask, be responsible and get this under control. keeping things simple,

very simple:don`t get sick then don`t spread the sickness.

Being responsible, as said above pro-responsibility.

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7 hours ago, buddhahoodlum said:

I actually won't and can't vote. Like others I wonder if Covid wasn't created to bankrupt the world, allow the Elite to seize more powers, etc. And I do tend to believe individual rights are more important than group rights. But Covid does seem to be a real thing, and if masks might actually help save lives then I think it isn't that big a deal to wear one. Yes this could all be a test to see how willing a nation's citizens are to give up their rights, but it probably isn't. So I guess I am pro-mask and I can vote with a clear conscience. 


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. – Aristotle

I am trying to be respectful here and if my question seems pejorative in any way it is not my intent. 
I often see these kind of statements and they exist on a spectrum about these shadowy figures playing the world as puppet masters. They go from fairly benign to full bore Q-Anon crazy.   I am asking you because you started with something that sounded like it was going full bore nuts then rationalized with actual observation. 
When you picture someone sitting around deciding it is there game to bankrupt the world is it a standard right wing racially motivated George Soros kind of thing, is it bond villain with face hidden and cat in lap or do you see the Cobra Commander in full costume. 
I understand that from the other side of things that these dark force look like your George Gecko, Wolf of Wall Street, Donald Trump types who prioritize personal profit and power above any other consideration and pay politicians to rationalize their destructive actions. You know like Sheldon Adelson, The Koch’s or the Walton family.  

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9 hours ago, Lancaster said:

It all depends on what you mean by pro-mask or anti-mask.  


I 100% do not support mandated mask usage.... but 100% voluntary.  

I firmly support how the Japanese handle things when they get sick.... be considerate enough to wear a mask.  


I am pro-responsibility.  

and therein lies the problem. 

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I am pro listening and taking advice from the professionals.

I had an optometrist check my vision few weeks ago and general surgeon removed  lipoma out of my back.


These people went to school and are professionals in doing this.
I wouldn’t attempt to do any of these but also I didn’t call them when our AC went out this summer and needed new motor or when my car needed a new fuel pump.


I will we be the sheep that takes advice from infectious disease experts when it comes to covid.

The rest can take advice from carnival barker in the White House, Alex Jones, zero hedge, Breitbart and a whole bunch of social media experts that couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag,


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