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Braden Holtby’s new mask

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-Vintage Canuck-

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8 minutes ago, N7Nucks said:

It's Seattle Totems ready too. Nice. Oh, wait. They went with Kraken instead :(

Ha. Maybe he was expecting to be working for them when he first started working with his artist.


I like it.  Would have been cool if he could have somehow made the eyes of the totem bird fit his eye slots.  But I love the feathered sides.

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1 hour ago, Hogs & Podz said:

An 'A' for originality but would like to see more of a direct connection to the team, like a actual canuck logo (Take your pick) worked in to the art more.  But whatever... As long as Holtby stops the puck... I don't care if his mask art depicted a diaper tied around his head it's all good to me lol! :P

I disagree. Im not super crazy about the mask but there is pretty much the face of the canucks orca literally dead center in the greys 

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36 minutes ago, canuktravella said:

Poor social justice warriors out in full force on twitter bunch of losers the mask looks great. Lets get offended at everything these days  I hate 2020.

Bunch of other sjw also wanna get rid of BC and Alberta names because they are colonizers.



I Mean the canuck logo is offensive then too buy there standards

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I'm happy we signed him but honestly, I'm still not used to Holtby being a Canuck.


I saw the title of this post and was thinking, "so... why is this a Canucks talk?"


The guy has been with the Capitals so long that it's hard to imagine him in our uniform. Maybe once the season starts, I'll get used to it.


Edit: btw, awesome mask. 

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Looks like a great mask. Too bad people don't see it for what it is--an ode to First Nations people--same with the Canucks logo. 

People are too sensitive about cultural appropriation when it's a natural thing that all cultures do. That's how cultures grow. 

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Meh. Definitely a missed opportunity to collaborate with one of the great local artists (like Andy Everson) on not only the design, but to make sure it is done the correct way. And I've seen far better art; it doesn't matter how many chrome/erase/4D effects you put on it.




Add to that, he says Canada's "north west coast". Canada is already north, and it's just the West Coast. Holtby isn't playing in Seattle's Pacific Northwest just yet.

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