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[Discussion] Canucks Orca.

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2 hours ago, StealthNuck said:

I 100% support this. 

I 100% DO NOT support this. 

I'm ok if we want black with our colours. 

Never liked the Flying V, never liked the downhill skate. (Despite my hatred for the jersey, I loved some of the players that played for them. Linden, Bure, Courtnall, McLean, etc.) 

No to Hallowe'en Colours.

I'd rather have Johnny Canuck (Provided that doesn't offend lumberjacks), stick in rink, or Orca. 


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1 hour ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

Black(white)/red/yellow(orange) give the skate logo power.  Especially the black away jerseys of the early 90s.


Blue/green/white on the other hand, don't.

Why not navy blue, green and white? Same contrast as black, red and yellow.

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1 hour ago, AbrasiveAjax said:

why do you have to use a racist label? "White Dude" , that is racist my friend.


Can we just not refer to people without race, color or culture?

Yeah from now on let’s refer to each other as muscle, sinew, fat with crazy looking eyeballs - skinless folks.   If we all just had translucent skin then maybe the world would be a better place.   Like no skin matters.   Unfortunately then it would be about how much fat some folks have and gross flabby triceps.  OR maybe  the folks with wider gaps between their eyes and big chins and teeth the size of horses teeth would be minority prejudices.     Humans as a species have a lot of growing up to do yet. 

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1 minute ago, Tiger-Hearted said:

Why not navy blue, green and white? Same contrast as black, red and yellow.

Black give the red and yellow contrast; but it's the red and yellow (moreso the red than the yellow) that energize the colour scheme.  


Blue and green are sedate colours.

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