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Class action for purchasers of Microsoft products between 1998 and 2010


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30 minutes ago, DarkIndianRises said:

This is ridiculous.


Microsoft has done nothing but enhance the lives of billions.


And this is the thanks that they get?



Lawyers want to make an easy buck though!

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On 12/15/2020 at 8:53 PM, Rush17 said:

Microsoft has done enough to enhance all of our lives lol. Why on earth is this even a thing?


Why can't they mark their $&!# up? I am confused how its illegal to set the price for your product.  can someone fill me in lol. I am missing something here clearly.

The specifics of the suit allege a whole host of anti-tust and anti-competitive behaviour and entering into illegal contracta with retailers. Specificly barring retailers who sell MS operting systems or MS productivity software from selling any competing product.

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I own RTX and receive a daily email about a class action suit. JPM and JNJ are others. Litigation against big corporations are often a shakedown. Not saying this is the case with MSFT. Getting a jury trial is a home run as settlements usually benefit the litigants. 

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