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Can't trust anybody these days

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Stealing a son's memorabilia from his Father's home is as disgusting as it gets.  Especially by someone who seemingly was treated very well by the family.


Pond scum.


People don't realize how breaches of trust can really impact people for a long time.  

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11 hours ago, SergioMomesso said:



Of all the people to steal from the Gretzky's, one would think the police would not be on that list.



don't steal! we have legalized theives! Mounties and the Government.. but this isn't news.. started like decades ago sadly, tried to think of a really good and honest government from the past and honestly I can't think of even one, sad but... 

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Was wondering when this might become a thread.   It’s pretty disgusting.  Walter is every bit a national treasure as his son...shame. 

Just read the provinces take on this.   Glad they included the quote that it’s like victimizing mother Theresa.   And that the story is getting some air time. Maybe the next time a person in a position of power has opportunity to hurt those in their care for a quick buck, they will think twice.   I’m connected to the Brockville community too ...  and can tell you the public shaming going on right now on social media is just as over the top as Dobson’s transgressions.    She won’t be welcome in this area ever again. 

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