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Coronavirus outbreak


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I’ve lived in Wuhan for a decade. This all started as an animal-human crossover about a month ago with immediate quarantines at the source market (they think bat-infected animals).


I’m a little skeptical about the estimated spread numbers simply because there really haven’t been any additional cases nor confirmed human-to-human spread.


Seems much less concerning than SARS or MERS

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Rotary has been trying to eradicate polio for 30 years. It was isolated down to 2 countries then broke out again. Modern travel was blamed as air flight quickly spreads disease. I was shocked to realize that vaccination itself can infect people. Even China is having cases of polio.   

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They should screen ANY flights from China, not just Wuhan specifically.


Those affected can easily travel domestically within China and then hop on a plane and fly out. BAM, not on a flight from Wuhan, not screened, not detected, virus out and about being ready to be spread.



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WUHAN, China — The mysterious coronavirus that has killed at least three people and sickened more than 200 in China is now capable of spreading from person to person, a prominent Chinese scientist said on Monday, adding to fears of a broader pandemic.

The disclosure increased pressure on the Chinese government to contain a growing public health crisis, just as China enters its busiest travel season of the year.The authorities had previously said the deadly virus seemed capable of spreading only from animals to humans in most cases, tracing the outbreak to a market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

But in recent days at least two people have become infected with the pneumonialike virus even though they live hundreds of miles from Wuhan, experts said on Monday, suggesting that the illness is spreading from person to person.“Now we can say it is certain that it is a human-to-human transmission phenomenon,” Zhong Nanshan, a scientist who is leading a government-appointed expert panel on the outbreak, said in an interview on state-run television on Monday.

Millions of Chinese are traveling this week for the Lunar New Year holiday, adding to fears that the virus could spread swiftly and on a broader scale. Experts said the severity of the outbreak would now depend on how many people, on average, a person with virus could infect.“There are now sufficient cases that it’s not going to die out by chance,” said Neil Ferguson, a public health expert at Imperial College London who has studied the new virus. “The real question now is, how efficiently can this virus spread from person to person?”

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, said on Monday that the outbreak “must be taken seriously” and that every possible measure should be taken to contain it, according to the state broadcaster CCTV.

Also on Monday, the authorities reported that new cases had been detected for the first time in Beijing, in Shanghai and the southern city of Shenzhen, all hundreds of miles from Wuhan. Cases have also been reported in Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

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Sixth person dies from new coronavirus, Chinese health authorities say


The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in China climbed to six On Tuesday as authorities reported a surge in new cases, with fears that hundreds of millions of people travelling for the Lunar New Year holiday will accelerate the infection rate.


Officials confirmed that the new mystery virus can spread between humans and said 15 medical staff have now been infected, stoking fears about an international pandemic and prompting airport authorities around the world to step up screening of travellers arriving from China.


The latest update on the outbreak that began in the central city of Wuhan sent shivers through financial markets, as the World Health Organization called a meeting for Wednesday to consider declaring an international health emergency.


The National Health Commission (NHC) put the number of confirmed cases at 291 by the end of Monday, but individual provinces gave more up-to-date information on Tuesday showing a widening geographic spread.


Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, has confirmed 258 cases and six deaths, Mayor Zhou Xianwang told Chinese state television on Tuesday.

The NHC said another 14 cases were reported in the southern province of Guangdong, five in the capital Beijing and another two in Shanghai by the end of Monday.


But on Tuesday, the virus was confirmed to spread to more parts of the country, with the eastern province of Zhejiang reporting five cases, and the northern city of Tianjin reporting two.


“Information about newly reported infections suggest there may now be sustained human to human transmission,” WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific Takeshi Kasai said in an email statement.


The scare brought back bad memories of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), another coronavirus that broke out in China in 2002/2003, resulting in the death of nearly 800 people in global pandemic.


Two cases have already been identified in Thailand, one in Japan and one in South Korea, while the Philippines reported on Tuesday its first suspected case.




CDC confirms that traveler from China diagnosed with coronavirus in Seattle

Tue 21 Jan 2020 18:34:23 GMT
  • First US case appears on the west coast
The CDC has confirmed the earlier report from CNN and added some detail. They say a traveler from China has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.
All things considered, it would be worse if the patient had no contact with China because it would indicate another vector. However we also have to assume that the patient was on an airplane with at least 100 other people, and airplanes are like a petri dish.
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4 minutes ago, Warhippy said:

Just confirmed at least 1 case in Washington State and possibly two more from the same flight and region of China.


Time to close down the borders.

We have such a huge Chinese population on the West coast here. It sucks! We are screwed! 

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Just now, kurtis said:

We have such a huge Chinese population on the West coast here. It sucks! We are screwed! 

I'm aware, but our Typhoid Mary hasn't popped up yet.  Might be time to seriously curtail travel to ensure she doesn't come knocking.


On a side note


When people speak of potential threats to economic development, every single possible checkmark is being taken care of for a basic Pest and Swot analysis.


A major epidemic coupled with ongoing political instability in America and the Middle East coupled with trade wars and record high debt....might be time to start stockpiling for that doomsday nonsense people speak of

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3 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

Really ticked to hear that YVR will be screening by....asking if people have flu like symptoms!!  "No"..."ok, go".


The powers that be have to start taking care of us without worrying about hurt feelings and relationships.  Those in charge had better act on this in a proactive not "after the fact" way.  

Yah, it's a complete joke. 

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I have zero issue with any government temporarily halting travel from China, or at the very least the Wuhan region. Frankly, after how vague the Chinese government was with SARS, I don't trust them to deal with this effectively. Is China that lax on dealing with contagions and viral pathogens, or is this a symptom of way too many people in one place?


Regardless, Canada needs to grow a set, and actually screen for sickness at entry checkpoints rather than taking someone's word for it.

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24 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

Really ticked to hear that YVR will be screening by....asking if people have flu like symptoms!!  "No"..."ok, go".


The powers that be have to start taking care of us without worrying about hurt feelings and relationships.  Those in charge had better act on this in a proactive not "after the fact" way.  

yeah when i saw that on the news i had a laugh...sure...just leave it up to the person to fill out a questionnaire....


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