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Coronavirus outbreak

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5 hours ago, samurai said:

They do exactly what you want in China under the pretext of public safety.   Have you ever studied what rights people have in Canada? It is more than just access to Costco.   

I know about the social scoring in China. I am a martial artist, I have had interest in Xu Xiaodong's story for the last few years. My comment about restricting those idiots from the internet was a shot at where these morons get their news from. If you click on the video in the article, the first thing you hear is the lead dork babbling about fake news and that people should find alt sources. 


I really like Rups smoking example on the last page, I think that can help you out. 

We used to allow smoking inside buildings. Research showed that second hand smoke has negative health effects. Fast forward to today, smoking in Vancouver is only allowed outside  and not within 6 meters of any doorway or air intake. 

You see, as time goes by we learn things and adjust for the greater good. New laws and restrictions are imposed for public safety. In this case keeping your droplets to yourself. 


So, again I am tired of these people whining about wearing masks, when not wearing a mask could harm my health. My health, keep your droplets to yourself.


Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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47 minutes ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:



Florida:  "Mission Accomplished"

People don't want to wear masks...how the heck do they think these front line workers feel???  I'm sure they don't like it, either...so let's do our part.  That protest in Vancouver?  What a joke and a bunch of drama queens and kings.  Their signs are so over exaggerated...like they're in prison.  It's ridiculous.


I have a hard time wearing a mask with this bleeding throat issue I'm dealing with...in particular, those disposable blue ones (that I bought a box of).  But I suck it up because the alternative is worse.

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19 hours ago, Timbermen said:

Those masks don't do much. If you want to keep particulates out, you need an N-95 mask on. You'd be breaking WCB rules if you showed up to work in a spray booth wearing a speedo on your face.

So you're at risk of ingesting toxins at work and the WCB has rules to make sure you don't get sick. They wouldn't say ' oh yeah, just put a glorified doo-rag on your face and your good to go.' You need a respirator with fresh filters that need to be changed every 8 hours while dealing with vapours and you need a N-95 mask for dealing with particulates,

That being said those hokey masks are better than nothing, just be aware that they aren't stopping much of your sneeze from coming out. It's giving you a completey false sense of security.


It doesn't even look like he's spraying the febreze into the mask.

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4 hours ago, Gawdzukes said:

Just close the door, give the kids guns and they can shoot the virus as per their second amendment rights.

Why worry about covid in the classroom ? Dr B already told all us that kids rarely get it and can't spread it......



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2 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

What do you mean you gave me a c- on my report???




Who is more anti mask... Trump or Dr. B ?  





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107 BC kids infected with Covid-19 in last month.

Talking hockey and wearing Fluevogs.... really cute stories...  How about just telling us the truth about Covid .... ?

Welcome to Broken BC.....  When is the next election ?

Anti mask but pro glory hole.- pro Alberta tourists to BC ..     Wow is all i can say....

Way too many sheep in this province that have lost the ability to think critically....



“This investigation adds to the body of evidence demonstrating that children of all ages are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection and, contrary to early reports, might play an important role in transmission.”



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13 minutes ago, Timbermen said:

I love her

Do you love Dr.B's lack of support for masks.... or do you  love her support for glory holes and Albertan tourists ?  Just curious ?  BC should be more similar to NZ numbers.... if only we had made a few small changes...


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Just now, kingofsurrey said:

Do you love her lack of support for masks.... or do you  love her support for glory holes and Albertan tourists ?  Just curious ?


Sorry, i haven't been following this much lately. I was under the impression that she said masks help but aren't perfect. Not sure what you mean by glory holes but Albertan tourists are Ok if they never leave their vehicles. (That was a joke) My sister lives in Calgary, are you saying she can never visit her family ever again?

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It looks like the virus has run it's course in Sweden. Somewhere between zero and one person dying per day for a few weeks now, with no lockdowns. Fantastic news if this holds up. Fewer than 1 in 17000 Swedes died from the virus. They only had one schoolkid die, so there seems to be little risk in that regard. No obvious evidence of school kids infecting adults although they admittedly didn't track that aspect as they should have.

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4 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:


LOL.....hope she drops the puck the first Canucks game with Canucks fans in attendance. :lol:



Awesome!! I gotta get me one of those shirts... But where is Tequila Tanev on there?? ^_^

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Russia president Putin says have approved first Russian-produced coronavirus vaccine

Tue 11 Aug 2020 08:48:05 GMT


Putin says that his daughter has been vaccinated from the coronavirus

  • Says that Russian health ministry has approved coronavirus vaccine developed by Moscow's Gamaleya Institute
  • Says hopes Russia will start mass production of coronavirus vaccine
Take what you will and believe what you want from the headlines above, but this may lay the groundwork for other countries to start prepping their own "breakthroughs" sooner rather than later. As with everything related to the pandemic thus far, all it takes is for one country to set a precedent and the others will take that as an opportunity to follow.
Somehow I have my doubts.
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