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Coronavirus outbreak


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20 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

Perhaps you're on the right track - but teacher's wouldn't be responsible for enforcing it, administration would.  Therefore I highly suspect one of the reasons Dr. B won't mandate masks at schools is that one of the end-consequences of not obeying the mask mandate would be to send kids home from school who fail to comply - this would lead to thousands of kids in the larger districts being sent home daily and parents would be livid about this and the government doesn't want the backlash. 


I've actually heard a senior manager of a large health authority say, that one of the reasons Dr. B and Horgan won't mandate masks in schools is that it unfairly targets low-income families and they don't want the negative optics of that coming back on their government - their words, not mine remember.  How does it target low-income families you ask - well if little Johnny in grade 4 in West Van refuses to wear a mask then the teacher informs the administration and the administration calls home and Johnny's stay-at-home mom who's husband makes a mid 6 figure salary comes and gets him and he and mom spend the afternoon together at home making Christmas cookies.  But if little Billy across town in DTES refuses to wear a mask the administrator calls his single-parent living paycheque-to-paycheque mom making minimum wage and her boss gives her a hard time and/or gives her shift away to a co-worker with no kids because Billy's mom has to pick up Billy then this is BAD OPTICS for Dr. B and Horgan won't have that (or maybe Billy's mom dodges the schools calls and eff's the school administrators and that's also an issue).  He'd rather risk lives by having a COVID no-mask potpourri in schools and let the chips fall where they may - because really, there has been no meaningful public large-scale backlash from Dr.B's refusal to mandate masks in schools other than some social media complaining so why would Dr. B (or Horgan) be motivated to change their stance now.......?    

There's a 'keep your kids home' protest happening today actually.

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3 minutes ago, aGENT said:

There's a 'keep your kids home' protest happening today actually.

LOL....I already texted my high-school teacher rec-hockey teammate about it - no- we're not playing hockey anymore:(.  


He said it was a joke, no more noticeable absences from his school than any other day.....I will ask my elementary school teacher neighbor about it when I see her sometime this week.   Perhaps people forget, but this isn't the first time there was a 'keep kids home' protest - the last one was equally futile. 


When it comes right down to it, parents need child-care more than they need to protest lack of mask mandates it seems.....

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7 hours ago, stawns said:

I'm honestly at the point where I spend a lot of brainpower fantasizing about meeting up with an anti masker throwing a tantrum in a store and i get to make good use of my 6'2, 220lb frame and my increasingly low tolerance for these people.

You skinny bugger you....you must be dieting. We should start a tag team.



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The last UFC card lost its headliner when one of the fighters tested positive.

Now, the event slated for Dec 17 has lost its headliner with BOTH fighters contracting the virus.




They have had quite a few cancellations this year for the same reason. Very healthy athletes dropping like flies.

May not help that the Boss Dana white is one of those 'oh, everyone is going to get it, it's like the flu' type of dudes. 


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16 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Can someone tell me where's it's written in the Bible that you can only worship in a Church?

The idea of an all powerful deity that needs to take attendance is crazy

3 minutes ago, spur1 said:

They can only collect money at church. 




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