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Coronavirus outbreak


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33 minutes ago, DrJockitch said:

I can take a stab at explaining this for you. 
1.  Social distancing and masks work even better for something that doesn’t have the incredible infectivity of COVID. 
2.  Flu shot uptake this year has been good. I have been telling patients all along that if you never got the flu shot before, this is the year. 
3.  Decreased travel particularly from Asia has decreased the seeding of the flu in NA. 
4.  Less people being tested for the flu because they go get tested for COVID when they get sick. There is a bias away from flu testing as the bias for COVID testing has taken over. 
5.  It is way early in the flu season. 
6.  Nursing home transmission in particular is way down because of the social distancing and other methods. 

People have been using the seasonal flu foolishly as a comparator for COVID.  The impression I have taken from this is that people really don’t understand influenza and how sick that it makes you. Some of that is a language thing, people often use the descriptor of the flu for viral gastroenteritis, which I have never understood, and confounds the seriousness of the flu with a relatively minor illness. Man colds are often interpreted as the flu because we are such a whiny group that can’t believe that feeling bad could simply be a cold.   

4. So it's true. If those that got tested for covid actually got a seasonal flu test instead, then it would have been the seasonal flu and not covid.

5. It's early in the flu season, but CDC compares the same point in time as in previous years. 


Lastly, so this will be an annual concurrence now just like the seasonal flu. Covid will never go away. What's the need for over reaction then? We never locked down with the seasonal flu. And if covid keeps coming back, what's the lockdown for? 

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14 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

@debluvscanucks do we really need to see this? people like this should be banned. 


knock off this crap please. What is it these days with conspiracy nuts coming out of the woodwork? 

Oh so you can't question the narrative now? Is that what you want? That you just keep your mouth shut and follow whatever order is given you? Is that how democracy and a civilized society works? We all keep fighting for equality and inclusion but seems like most of us don't know how to use those rights.

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19 minutes ago, stawns said:

we could have had it as masks and distancing, but the same people crying about the loss of freedoms over a mask are the same people driving us toward a shutdown.  We could have that balance if everyone had pulled in the same direction........but we didn't.  We had an element of the population who felt they knew more than medical experts and who get suckered into the ridiculous conspiracy theories about an "authoritarian reset"..........it's because those people didn't want to listen to experts that we are in the situation we are in.


There's one element of our country to point the finger at, and it's not the government

I'm continually fascinated/frustrated by people, many of whom I think are doing some level of following of guidelines, but also looking for loopholes.  

The most recent expansion of the public health order to put a temporary halt on adult team sports - and how many twitter posts I've seen about - well, my sport isn't mentioned so I should be able to play x y or Z.  Complaints that orders aren't specific enough.  For weeks now if not longer the guidelines have been to stay at home and not group together.  Many people stopped playing sports as a result.  For the rest, it's like....yeh, we all need to do all these things except....when it impacts me personally in the one thing I love.  


We'd get through this perhaps more quickly if we shut down everything that didn't generate a job or revenue to someone.  People seem to think they can't live without (insert activity here) for a month or two.  Listened again yesterday to the Burnaby RCMP report of how many houseparties they had to break up and ticket in November.  WTH??????


What most of us are not privy to is the data and information that Public Health has that their decisions are based on.  I'm sure there have been outbreaks as a result of team sports because adults aren't always good at policing themselves and avoiding the social gatherings that come with team sports.  Or hey, traveling to a COVID hotspot out of province then bringing the disease back with the team and infecting copious amounts of other people.  


I read an article last night about how COVID patients are now being transferred out of Northern BC to hospitals in the south because they don't have enough equipment or staff to deal with the increasing numbers.  

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1 hour ago, Quinn Skates said:

Something is definitely up.

They're inflating the covid numbers so it looks worse than it actually is.

It has always been the case but people don't believe it.

That data right there is a very clear proof.

How can that be explained otherwise?





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1 minute ago, wloutet said:

About vaccines. I was adopted at a year and a half. When I was about 46 I found my birth parents names. They never married each other me being a "love child", but did marry others, Mother had 9 other children, Dad had 4 other children. I have met about 8 of these 13 children. Mother had a father who did no believe in vaccinations, so would not let his children get the polio vaccination. One died at about 14, another became a quadriplegic. I was luck enough to meet her about 3 months before she died in her 50's. She ran everything from a puffer on her chair. Answered the phone, turned on the TV, opened doors, etc. She was printing out her mom's poetry and song lyrics by puffing into an old Apple IIe in Morse code. then she printed it out from there. She did art work by painting with her mouth. She died in her 50's her bast**d father lived to 90.

sorry to hear that, but it does show the fire some of these "narrative" ass hats are playing with. 

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Just now, skategal said:

Just listening to comments from the new Conservative federal leader I realize how difficult it would be to get anything meaningful done in government if there weren't measures that could be used in emergency.  Look at what is happening in the US with the latest proposed relief bill.  

we're so fortunate we're not being government by someone like Jason Kenney or O'Toole nationally. Kenney puts out a statement that no Albertan will be "forced" to take the vaccine :picard: just pathetic tin foil hat pandering. 


I've gained some respect for Doug Ford, he's not playing games to placate the weird alt-right portion of his base. Good for him. 

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