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Coronavirus outbreak


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20 minutes ago, BPA said:

It might come to the point where the elderly are confined to their homes (for their protection) while the rest of the population resumes work and restart the economy. 


There is no way that Government can afford to have people stay at home until a vaccine is found (possibly up to a year).

Probably longer for a vaccine, it can’t be rushed (antibody dependant enhancement vaccine can mean real trouble)


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3 hours ago, Lionized27 said:

That's a good idea but it may cause more harm than good.


4 hours ago, gurn said:

I was talking to a friend last night and he had a thought regarding a potential treatment:

If alcohol kills the COVID, why not try inhaling alcohol through a vaporizer. Might keep the lungs clearer, help kill the virus.


I though about it, and on the surface it seems logical. But how and where do you get a hold of somebody that would actually know if it has a chance or not?


3 hours ago, gurn said:

I wouldn't know, but I do wonder if maybe it would work. If so how and to who, do you pass the idea to?


3 hours ago, Wilbur said:

I'd imagine this would go very bad.  Alcohol kills all types of cells.  The reason hand sanitizer doesn't screw up our hands horribly is because the outer layers of our skin is comprised of a lot of already dead skills cells.


3 hours ago, gurn said:

As I said, I would not know, but wonder if the actual medical folk would consider the idea.


3 hours ago, debluvscanucks said:

I honestly feel there are so many things that alcohol does in a bad way to the body, like killing oxygen rich blood cells and promoting dehydration.


Just not sure...I've seen the effects on a liver (worked in an alcohol/drug centre years ago).  Healthy liver looks just like....liver.  Someone who'd died from sclerosis had a liver that was a shrivelled, hard, rock looking thing.


3 hours ago, Wilbur said:

It would do more bad things to the body than good.  Just like ingesting isopropyl alcohol can cause bleeding in the digesting tract because it is killing cells along the way, so would inhaling aerosolized alcohol kill important lung cells.  The ethanol does the same thing, just not as severely because it is way more dilute and I'd imagine it is harmful to things like the liver because that is where the alcohol becomes more concentrated in the body with lots of drinking over time.


1 hour ago, Jester13 said:


The damage it would do to your lung capillaries and alveoli would absolutely be detrimental to your health and make it much worse. Even steroidal asthma inhalers can decrease a person's immune system and can be worse for people for preventing and fighting infection. 

Reminds me of an old joke.  Sure alcohol kills brain cells but only the weak ones! :)

Seriously, nearly pure ethanol is injected into tumours to kill them.  Usually under ultrasound guidance.  I have been involved in this procedure from time to time for 25 years.  Exposing cells lining the alveoli (which are already under attack from the virus) with ethanol seems like a real bad idea. 

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4 hours ago, Boudrias said:

My grocery run yesterday: On the drive there I saw a group of young kids being kids, no social distance; two women on a walk, no distance; main street full of cars; hardware store with security limiting entry and yes the lot was pretty full; Extra Foods: lot about half full but people visiting on the lot, no limit to entry, no sanitizer except at checkout, people generally maintaining distance, some employees with gloves but most without. 


Many people do not seem to be able to function in isolation. A large number of people have completing the necessaries of life like shopping as their social life. Especially older folks. Surprising number of people don't have the capacity to understand their risks. I am in a rural community and many people will not take the virus seriously unless it impacts them directly. 


Big news from a NYC doctor who was saying he was losing 80% of the patients he put on a ventilator. He realized patients needed oxygen and not forced air. He is now advocating CPAP machines with oxygen and having patients moved from one side to the other. 

One thing I want you to keep in mind is if 2 friends go for a walk and both of them are in isolation otherwise, that's still relatively safe. It doesn't mean they're not practicing safe distancing. It means they are acting like "a family" where if one gets sick, they all get sick anyway. They might even live together for all you know.


It would be silly to have social distancing inside a house because really, once it enters a house it's hard to not spread it and this virus makes it impossible to know it's in the house long before it's too late.


Social distancing it important, but there comes a point where it gets silly in situations where not even social distancing is going to help.


That being said, I went to Home Depot and Canadian Tire yesterday admittedly (with a Lysol wipe in the car). I was very impressed with Home Depot where I felt safe due to the distancing. Not so much with Canadian Tire, but that's also because the layout of Canadian Tire here in Prince George is absolutely terrible in my opinion.

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How can “you people”, care so much about donald trump, when your own lives are possibly at stake?




Fookin handle your $&!#, get your head right, be safe, and stop listening to the moronic doo doo you are being fed. 


Isolation is reality. 


* This isolation should include the internet, because people getting crazy. Stop listening, stop reading, just enjoy the time you have because it is fleeting

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49 minutes ago, sonoman said:








Reminds me of an old joke.  Sure alcohol kills brain cells but only the weak ones! :)

Seriously, nearly pure ethanol is injected into tumours to kill them.  Usually under ultrasound guidance.  I have been involved in this procedure from time to time for 25 years.  Exposing cells lining the alveoli (which are already under attack from the virus) with ethanol seems like a real bad idea. 

Bleach kills covid, can you vaporize bleach? :P

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2 minutes ago, AlwaysACanuckFan said:


Why would we even think of opening schools before September. The school year is basically done by mid May. 
I see that to be just as dumb as the NHL trying to finish the season and playoffs. Shut it down and maybe we can start again in the fall. 

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5 hours ago, stawns said:

His handlers realized they politicize it by tweeting to "liberate" these states and get his nutjob followers to protest.


I think Civil War, Part Deux is on its way down there.

Steve Bannon has been advocating for war with China since he’s been discovered as a Trumpian National Treasure. He’s still working the cause on the microphone and on TV.

He should be arrested for fanning the flames of Civil unrest at the minimum. Same with Trump, Kushner and Miller.


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