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Coronavirus outbreak

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Just now, PhillipBlunt said:

There’s a lot of food based violence in Florida. 

My wife's birthday resulted in "Florida man accused of stabbing woman over underdone potato"

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10 hours ago, BPA said:

Children unlikely to pass COVID-19 to each other, says provincial health officer




"For young children in particular, they don't seem to be as affected by it. They don't seem to have as severe illnesses, and they don't seem to pass it on to adults as effectively," said Henry.


"Most of the transmission to children has been from a family member, from an adult to a child, in those close family-contact situations."


"That is reassuring to us, [but] it's never absolute. You do need to be careful, and you need to make sure that if your children are going out, going to school, going to play dates, summer camps, make sure to check them, to make sure they're not sick, to keep their groups small," she said.




Take it for what it's worth.


Sounds like more spin from the BC governent....


I will trust Harvard research instead...




A complication that has more recently been observed in children can be severe and dangerous. Called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), it can lead to life-threatening problems with the heart and other organs in the body.

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Here is some great news.. honest / factual without the typical BC gov spin on it...



Volunteers have begun being immunised with a new UK coronavirus vaccine.

About 300 people will have the vaccine over the coming weeks, as part of a trial led by Prof Robin Shattock and his colleagues, at Imperial College London.


Tests in animals suggest the vaccine is safe and triggers an effective immune response.

Experts at Oxford University have already started human trials.



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13 hours ago, kingofsurrey said:

2  questions for you Stawns



What happens to a kid that self reports he/she is sick...


Do they need to show the school a negaive covid test print out  before they are allowed to return...?  If no report, come back in 14 calendar days...

Can they simply return the next day with no covid test if they say they  feel better ?



Thanks . @Stawns




Your silence pretty much answers my questions.   Frightening, no doubt. 



interesing enough....


Public Health England’s weekly COVID-19 surveillance report, published today, shows the number of acute respiratory outbreaks in schools rose from 14 to 24 – putting schools on the same number of suspected outbreaks recorded in hospitals. 



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5 hours ago, skolozsy2 said:

Florida man bit on tongue by rattlesnake he tried to kiss.


Where did it go so wrong down there...

I got... Florida man drives around slowly with an electric wires attached to his penis...  it looks like he didn't learn his lesson the first few times:unsure:


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The US added almost 35k new cases yesterday.....




A couple of months ago, I didn't think Canadian cities had much chance of being hubs for major sports leagues. Now I think T.O. should be it for Baseball and Basketball and Vancouver and Edmonton should be NHL hubs.

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