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Canucks release 2020-21 regular season schedule

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-Vintage Canuck-

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7 back to backs with a whole whack of 3 in 4/4 in 6. This will be a wild season. Teams that have two goaltenders that can carry the load will benefit greatly. Plus there has to be roster management needing to utilize/maximize the extra players including the taxi squad.

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1 minute ago, deus.ex.makina said:

meh... i will not be popular but... 
a 7 teams season. I don't get how people can be excited. 
to be honest i could have prefered if this 7 teams delocalize for a year and play a full championship against all teams.

I think it's the idea of the rivalries. It could potentially be playoff-like intensity given that they are facing the same teams with the compressed schedule and fewer games means every game is going to be important.


Was there any interest when it was just the original 6 teams facing each other?

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44 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I feel playing the same team two or three times in a row is beneficial in that it may create some rivalry. Both teams don't have to wait weeks or months for revenge depending on the circumstance. Since they play again the next time, it will be still fresh in everyone's mind.

I have suggested many times in the past to do something like this in the dog says of Jan/Feb during normal seasons.  The players need something to get up for just like the fans do.


Throw a bunch of divisional play kind of like a mini-tourney right in the most boring part of the season.  Maybe have some sort of award like soccer having the Cascadia Cup.  

Rivalries would ramp way up.  We would have some player movement ahead of it for teams to load up and try to take as many 4 point games as possible 


Really, anything to increase the interest mid season.  I think this hockey will be entertaining.

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That is one crazy schedule. Who would have thought at the start of last season that this would be the schedule for 2021?!

So many tools on Sportsnet already putting us at 2nd to last place in this division. I can't wait until we show them what's up. 

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