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[Official] 2021 Training Camp Thread

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18 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:


I imagine maybe a family member?  I know they likely have pretty strict standards in place in accordance with the Province approving the plan.  Good that they're being so ultra careful...needs to be.   This is going to be a tough season to get through I'm sure.  "Day to day".

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2 hours ago, Alienhuggyflow said:

I know LE is the whipping boy on hockey forums but there is no denying for what ever reason he worked on that 2nd line and every stat plus the eye test backs it up.

Trying Hogs there is the right choice since LE lacks any offense in his game but if it doesn't work having a known option is not a bad thing 

Not sure why some hate on Pearson so much.

He's a guy who will get you 20 goals every season while playing a very responsible drama free game.

He makes 4 million a year, people act like he's getting paid top line money and not earning his pay.


As for Podz, I seldom pencil in a rookie but in this case I will go with the experts like Burkie, Button, Benning, The professor etc etc, who all say the exact same thing as to why he is ready.

If he was having issues in the KHL defensively I would be hesitant but he dominates possession there and still has amazing numbers even with the low point totals.

He is as ready as the other prospects that have been added the last 3 seasons and nobody questions if they were ready.

His game isn't goals, but I fully expect him to excel based on what his strengths are, in the same way, Brock came in and excelled at what his strengths were.

I disagree, his game is goals BUT you actually have to play a lot and get minutes to score them, that didn't happen so it's not really fair to lay that judgement on him, he has better skills than JV, just not quite as speedy but that can be worked i.e. BoHo who wasn't that great of a skater but from what I've seen from Podz, he is faster than Bo was, so I expect him to be still not quite/borderline as JV in speed but I bet it will be close... 

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3 minutes ago, Chris12345 said:

When is it official? Pool picks going in tonight.

I got him as a rookie forward in my pool. I have to have 2 rookie forwards in my pool. It won’t be official till probably tomorrow at the very earliest but Tuesday more likely. I’d put money on it though 

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6 hours ago, HomeBrew said:

Agreed. Motte obviously had a bone to pick here, so there must be more to the story than just the play. And I say particularly because of the way Motte swiped Gauds stick away after he slew-footed him. Motte seemingly modeling his game after Marchand - not all bad. With that said, when it happened I actually thought it was MacEwan that got slew-footed based on the way he laid the beat down afterwards. Good to see from Gauds. He looks strong out there.

Was it Motte that was complaining about an elbow? It looks like it from his posture. 

Old news now but I just noticed it. He sounded incensed, or is that just Gaudette's nickname he yelled? 


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12 minutes ago, Roger Neilsons Towel said:

Wives never let anything go. it’s their super power. 

“Remember that time March 16th, 2009 at 5:53pm when I asked if I looked fat in that dress and you paused before answering?...”


disgusted face GIF

Guess that explains why he was grumpy and fought Motte last night lol

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