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[Official] 2021 Training Camp Thread

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3 hours ago, Mackcanuck said:

Ferland shouldn't be playing for his own good and for the teams!

He will be well taken care of on LTIR

MacEwen will fill that role perfectly

Time to sign that veteran right shot Dman we need!

this has to be rough, he's only 28 and is looking at a major change. Maybe there's a role in the organization for him somewhere as well.

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Really bummed ferland is a no go, not surprised though


Ferland has to show the Canucks something new in his recovery for him to be allowed to play


Like why is this time different? You’ve been cleared before and can’t play more than a game

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4 hours ago, Petey Castiglione said:

FINALLY!!! So stoked to have hockey back.


Training camp roster copied from Deb in the Return to Play thread.






I knew Pettersson was amazing, but I didn't know he was 39 goals and 66 assists in 27 games good!

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9 hours ago, Mackcanuck said:



The NHL protocol released earlier this month already mentions that exception but says it’s up to the Province.


The league demands 4 negative tests over 7 days before allowing the player to join the team.  There is another 7 days where the player can only go to the rink and home.  


From the NHL protocol:




Under this Protocol, even if not imposed by the local or federal health authorities, if individuals report to the Club’s home city from outside of the province (regardless of method of travel), they are required to serve a 7-day self-quarantine period with a PCR testing (Health Canada or FDA authorized) regimen on days 1, 3, 5 and 7, with results available on day 8.



Certain jurisdictions have allowed a “work quarantine” where the local or federal authorities have given permission for Players to serve a mandated 14-day quarantine period in a manner that permits Players to attend at the Club facility under restricted conditions during the quarantine itself. In Canada, individuals subject to a “work quarantine” are recipients of a National Interest Exemption, and release from quarantine under the Mandatory Isolation Order is conditional. For example, if a local community requires a 14-day quarantine, the Club could propose to the local health authorities the NHL’s 7-day testing regimen as noted above, followed by 7 days of Players being able to utilize the Club facilities on a restricted basis, in order to complete the jurisdiction’s required 14-day quarantine.

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20 hours ago, SILLY GOOSE said:

Excited.  Is Juolevi ready to become a full time NHLr?  Will Baertschi win a spot in the line up?  Can the new young players be impactful?  Will Eriksson score 30 goals again


Either way it will be good to see Canucks hockey again 


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19 hours ago, theo5789 said:

I knew Pettersson was amazing, but I didn't know he was 39 goals and 66 assists in 27 games good!

And it only equals 18 points


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Looking forward to watching the youth on the team learn and progress for the next two seasons. After that all of  the bad contracts will be gone and we will be ready to hoist the cup in 22/23 

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