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Dawn Wells, "Mary Ann" From Gilligan's Island Dies at 82


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Dawn Wells dead: Mary Ann from ‘Gilligan’s Island’ dies at 82 - National | Globalnews.ca


Dawn Wells, who played the wholesome Mary Ann among a misfit band of shipwrecked castaways on the 1960s sitcom Gilligan’s Island, died Wednesday of causes related to COVID-19, her publicist said. She was 82.


Wells died peacefully at a living facility in Los Angeles, publicist Harlan Boll said.

“There is so much more to Dawn Wells” than the Gilligan’s Island character that brought her fame, Boll said in a statement.

Besides TV, film and stage acting credits, her other real-life roles included teacher and motivational speaker, Boll said.


Tina Louise, 86, who played Ginger the movie star, is the last surviving member of a cast that included Bob Denver as the title character; Alan Hale Jr. as the Skipper; Jim Backus and Natalie Schafer as wealthy passengers Thurston and Lovey Howell, and Russell Johnson, known as the Professor.



Born in Reno, Nevada, Wells represented her state in the 1959 Miss America pageant and quickly pivoted to an acting career. Her early TV roles came on shows including 77 Sunset Strip, Maverick and Bonanza.

Then came Gilligan’s Island, a goofy, good-natured show that became an unlikely but indelible part of popular culture.

Wells’ comely but innocent Mary Ann complemented Louise’s worldly Ginger, and both became innocuous ’60s TV versions of sex symbols.

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"I just read about the passing of Dawn Wells and I am saddened that Dawn left us earlier today. She was such a fun, charming and funny lady. Dawn and I had known each other for years. My then husband Michael (Ansara) and I had met her father Joe first, then later Dawn. We often would visit Dawn and her husband at their home and play bridge together. Over the years our paths crossed continually, and she was always delightful and fun to be around.

My deepest condolences to her loved ones and family. While her health had been in decline, it is never easy losing someone so suddenly. I hope everyone will take a moment to think of Dawn at her brightest and happiest and hold onto that memory for Dawn loved to laugh and focus on the happy, positive joys of life.

She may have “left the island” but Dawn will always be in our hearts. -Barbara Eden "


That's funny that two of probably the most luscious women on TV in the 60's would spend nights playing Bridge. :)

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1 hour ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

No its from Barbara Eden's Post on Facebook. 

I got that, thanks. 

But I think your original post (before edit) didn’t have quotation marks around it, so quite honestly, I didn’t realize until I’d read through to the end that it was actually a quote from Barbara Eden, and not you posting your own personal story (which is how it really seemed, especially the first few sentences).


I’m glad you posted it. It’s a lovely eulogy. And I very much agree that it’s fun to think about those two “luscious women on TV in the 60’s” spending their nights playing bridge together.


I also thank you for the fun rollercoaster ride of emotions reading it. There was really a moment where I was thinking, maybe, just maybe, Jeannie from my childhood TV memories is actually a Canucks fan! 

(Only then to have my hopes cruelly dashed by the realization that it wasn’t actually her that was posting on CDC.)


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