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1 hour ago, D-Money said:

Holy. I wasn’t paying much attention, but I was quite surprised at how much talent was available. Great job!


I’m guessing in the West that is already a playoff team.

The best part, from my perspective, is that my claim list was barely above the required salary floor.


And I added bodies in the 23yo range to the youth that was already left to me.


We are young, we are lean, and we have assets to trade.


Plus I just basically got gifted the 1st OA.

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Willing to consider packaging a slew of picks and some good nhl players to move up into the next few picks. Heck i'd be happy to get in the top 15 but the amount I would pay would reflect the draft position.


NJ has the following picks: 29, 38, 65, 79, 106, 107, 120


Also willing to consider moving the following players: Dylan Larkin, Sam Bennett, Kyle Palmieri, Colin White, Nick Caamano, Esa Lindell, Marcus Pettersson among others.

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Posted (edited)

Barring no sizable changes - our potential 2020-21 NJ lineup. Pretty optimistic thinking all 4 of Byfield, Newhook, Broberg, and Suzuki can crack the big club but I'll hold out hope! Will be signing depth just incase though! Having a 1-2-3 punch of Larkin, Byfield, and Newhook though is just disgusting and I love it lol. Willing to move pieces listed above though to get better draft position or add more picks potentially. This roster is far from set and I expect we will cross off a few names between now and the conclusion of this draft.

New Jersey Devils Banner


Bennett Larkin Palmieri
Johnsson Byfield TBD
Rassmussen Newhook White

Caamano Suzuki Sutter


Lindell Severson
Pettersson Knyzhov
Broberg Zub
Sekera Zaitsev





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2 hours ago, theminister said:

61.147% of the cap, when 60% was the minimum 

Chris Drieger is grateful!

1 hour ago, D-Money said:

I’m guessing in the West that is already a playoff team.

Maybe in the Pacific...  :rolleyes: 

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JVR Dube Hornqvist
Pearson Patrick Hyman
Goodrow McLeod Debrusk
Lundestrom Cizikas Kunin
Barbashev Jones Gambrell
Motte Benson Luff
Cholowski Ekholm  
McCabe Mahura  
Coglhan Dermott  
Stanley Lauzon  
Lagesson Day  
Markstrom Hill Gustavsson
Korenar Driedger  
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Posted (edited)

WAIVERS: NJ waives Patrick Nemeth with the intention of assigning him to the AHL.


WAIVERS: NJ waives Nikita Zaitsev with the intention of assigning him to the AHL.



Recall: NJ Recalls Denis Malgin to the big club.


Recall: NJ Recalls Alex Newhook to the big club.

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ASSIGNMENT: The Vancouver Canucks assign Gabriel Carlson to ABBOTSFORD!!!! 


ASSIGNMENT: The Vancouver Canucks assign Alexandre Carrier to ABBOTSFORD!!!! 


A fond farewell to Adin Hill, an up and coming young Tendie we didn't want to lose, however we felt we had no choice but to expose. 

Also a reminder to Vancouver fans that our new Abbotsford AHL affiliate team Name and Logo reveal will be held on July 9th! Don't Miss It!

Lastly, the above moves are necessitated by a franchise shaping trade that will likely be announced later today. Vancouver's D is thick, and our boys know how to get to the basket!

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25 minutes ago, theminister said:

The Seattle Kraken are open to moving a goaltender


Do you even have any to move :bigblush:

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