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CDC Fantasy League 2020-21 (Apply Within!)

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2 hours ago, Nail said:

Least Picks: Anaheim, Islanders (0)

I'd like to thank my mom, my cat, and most importantly god.

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Second to last reminder (last one being tomorrow) that July 22nd (Thursday) at 11:59 PM PST is the last day of our buyout period, as well as the last day to qualify pending RFAs and send in offers to re-sign players.


Any offers that are in my inbox will get a response tomorrow, and the free agent frenzy will begin with offers being sent in on July 26th (one week from today).

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Pittsburgh Penguins 2021 Entry Draft Report


The Pittsburgh Penguins headed into the 2021 Entry Draft with a half a dozen picks and three NHL defensemen under contract. The team was able to move two 3rd round selections to add reliable young defenseman Esa Lindell from @Rush17' s New Jersey Devils as well as moving out a 3rd to @inane and the Blues for another reliable defender in Robert Hagg. With the immediate additions to the defense corps the team was ready to start selecting at the draft.


First order of business was to target a potential top blueliner, as several were to be had in the top part of the Draft and holding 9th overall we felt well positioned to land a defenseman to build our organization depth and upgrade our biggest need. The opportunity came at 7th with Defenseman Simon Edvinsson still on the board, we made a call and consummated a trade with @Art Vandelay's Flyers to move up two spots and select the young blueliner. Simon Edvinsson, we feel has one of the highest ceilings in this draft class on defense, his potential is sky high and we had to make the move.


Now the full-time CDC General Manager and part time Veterinary Assistant, Inventory Supervisor, Floor maintenance engineer and family man saw an opportunity to move on multiple trades throughout the remainder of the draft. Silliness sure, but the Penguins feel we built up strong organizational depth for our blueline for years to come as well as some key pieces in goal we feel. The aim this draft was to add to our defense and goaltending while selecting individuals with strong skating, speed, or elite skills where available.




 Ayrton Martino ( 41st overall, 2nd rd )

Prokhor Poltapov ( 47th overall, 2nd rd )

Brett Harrison ( 56th overall, 2nd rd )

Ryder Korczak ( 58th overall, 2nd rd )

Oliver Tarnstrom ( 93rd overall, 3rd rd )

Justin Janicke ( 133rd overall, 5th rd )

Lucas Forsell ( 139th overall, 5th rd )

Jackson Blake ( 140th overall, 5th rd )

Daniil Lazutin ( 143rd overall, 5th rd )


Pretty pleased with the haul of forwards this draft, a lot of skill and speed in the later rounds and a couple players Daniil Lazutin and Lucas Forsell in particular I think have much offensive potential, the former as early as last season touted as a top Russian prospect flirting with a high ranking.




Simon Edvinsson ( 7th overall, 1st rd )

Sean Behrens ( 39th overall, 2nd rd )

Guillaume Richard ( 92nd overall, 3rd rd )

Aleksi Malinen ( 103rd overall, 4th rd )

Oscar Plandowski ( 134th overall, 5th rd )

Lukas Gustafsson ( 156th overall, 5th rd )


Tickled, just tickled to land Simon Edvinsson on the blueline, obvious conjecture but the gut feeling tells me he will realize some of that highend potential and be a goodie! The later picks are fun just reading and researching and making the call, I think we added a lot of skilled rushing if not offensive defensemen who could provide production from the back end. Sean Behrens I felt we picked later than he maybe should have gone, an exciting pick and although the numbers are not screaming right now we think Lukas Gustafsson could be a producer down the road.




Benjamin Gaudreau ( 53rd overall, 2nd rd )

Joe Vrbetic ( 105th overall, 4th rd )

Maxim Motorygin ( 159th overall, 5th rd )


Recency bias aside we feel we selected a top 3 goaltender in this draft and someone who we can develop as a strong contributor in Pittsburgh in time with the 53rd overall selection in Benjamin Gaudreau.  We were happy to see Joe Vrbetic still around in the 4th as he could also be a netminder for the Penguins down the road. But again with later picks, going off the board maybe surely, absolutely ? with Maxim Motorygin. After reading and reviewing there to me seems to be something there. I have a feeling he will be in the picture down the road.


Had a great time this draft, appreciate all the time by my fellow GMs in negotiations whether deals got done or not. Hats off to those running the show and @Nail for everyting here.

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Carolina Hurricanes - Draft Review


Welp, I didn't have any picks going in, and didn't have a lot of guys on my target list (wasn't even going to try to figure out who of the RL 2021 eligible guys to pick). Then @theminister started snapping up a lot of the ones we were considering adding picks for. (I knew we shouldn't have let our scout take that AGM role there!) But the opportunity came up to add 2 4th rounders for our 2022 3rd, and we had a couple of guys we were eying, so we made the move.


Elliot Desnoyers, LW (selected 117th overall)

Although we only added 2 guys, Elliot was VERY high on our list. Previously he was thought of as more of a defense-first guy, who probably wouldn't have much fantasy value. But then his production in Junior skyrocketed from 0.57 points-per-game in 2019-20 to 1.32 in 2020-21, and he made the QMJHL Second All-Star Team. He was signed IRL by the Flyers on May 5th. With his defensive capabilities, he has a very high floor, but now seems also to have potential middle-6 upside. I would have traded the 3rd round pick for just him, so this is already a win.


Ole Bjørgvik Holm, D (selected 119th overall)

Ole! Love that name... He didn't seem like much in the OHL in 2019-20. But in this past year, he played against a lot of older competition (he just turned 19 on May 23rd), and acquitted himself very well. He was the 2nd highest scoring defenseman on his men's Norwegian team (the highest scoring one is 45 years old). Then he got his first taste of professional NA hockey in the AHL, and was solid (5 points in 16 games). And lastly, he made the World Championship team for Norway - by far the youngest player on the team - and played in 6 of their 7 games. He's trending in the right direction.


So...yeah...not much, but happy with the 2 I did snag. And I have been really pleased with the progression of some of the other prospects in the system. Even though Carolina is in "win now" mode, and hasn't picked in the top-40 in years, it's nice to see some help on ELCs potentially coming.


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The Seattle Kraken have re-signed the following players:


Matt Luff - 1 year, $0.850M

Josh Mahura - 3 years, $2.700M ($0.900M AAV)

Sean Day - 1 year, $0.750M



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The San Jose Sharks have re-signed the following pending RFAs:


Hudson Elynuik - 2 years, $1.400M ($0.700M AAV)

William Borgen - 2 years, $1.500M ($0.750M AAV)

Karel Vejmelka - 1 year, $0.700M

Teemu Turunen - 1 year, $0.700M



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The Nashville Predators have re-signed the following pending RFAs:


Thatcher Demko - 8 years, $50.000M ($6.250M AAV)

John Marino - 6 years, $25.500M ($4.250M AAV)



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The Winnipeg Jets have re-signed the following pending RFAs:


Nico Sturm - 2 years, $2.530M ($1.265M AAV)

Alexandre Fortin - 2 years, $1.820M ($0.910M AAV)

Hunter Miska - 1 year, $0.880M


@Master Mind

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The New York Islanders have re-signed the following pending RFAs:


Henri Jokiharju - 2 years, $2.500M ($1.250M AAV)

Julien Gauthier - 2 years, $1.950M ($0.975M AAV)



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The Seattle Kraken have re-signed the following pending RFAs:


Tyler Motte - 2 years, $3.000M ($1.500M AAV)

Isac Lundestrom - 2 years, $2.750M ($1.375M AAV)



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