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[Signing] Canucks sign Carson Focht

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Yeah, not surprised. Canucks are thin at C in the prospect ranks and getting this guy to Utica is great. I expect Focht to be in and out of the Comets lineup this season but let's see what happens as most rookies do under Trent Cull.


Excited to see how Woo & Focht (former teammates on the Calgary Hitmen) handle the jump to the AHL this season.


This is the third guy from the Canucks 2019 draft class to get an ELC after Silovs & Hoglander. Podz will get one, obviously, and I expect Arvid Costmar and Aiden McDonaugh to sign deals in the next year or two. Jack Malone, Karl Plasek, and Ethan Keppen seem like wildcards to ink deals. Malone likely plays all 4 years in college before the Canucks decide to sign him or not.


Still, good omen for the 2019 draft class. And it looks like Hoglander will make the team coming out of camp this year.

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1 hour ago, The_Rocket said:

3 years for a guy with 0 nhl experience????? What an albatross of a contract !!!!


jb gonna jb

I either assume you were joking or don't understand rookie contracts.    If the former, good one!   If the latter, look at every single prospect contract across the NHL and come back when you find out that all of them have the same term.....3 years.

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1 hour ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

"Dream come true to sign my first NHL contract with the Canucks organization! Huge thank you to my family, friends, teammates, trainers, coaches and agents for helping me get to this point. Excited for the next chapter." - Focht 



"my first".   Can guarantee you coaches and management LOVE it when a kid has that approach.    

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2 hours ago, kesler_sedins said:

JB also signed Rathbone and Hoglander to 3 year contracts in 2020, and they both also don't have NHL experience

You have to sign prospect or lose them??? Rathbone great signing and one more year and Rathbone was free to sign anywhere.  Hoglander great signing and great drafting, will make team soon...

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