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[Signing] Canucks sign Carson Focht

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3 hours ago, Rob_Zepp said:

I either assume you were joking or don't understand rookie contracts.    If the former, good one!   If the latter, look at every single prospect contract across the NHL and come back when you find out that all of them have the same term.....3 years.

Welcome back. 

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6 hours ago, The_Rocket said:

3 years for a guy with 0 nhl experience????? What an albatross of a contract !!!!


jb gonna jb

You need to insert either a jk or a emoji. Otherwise this is the weirdest post I’ve ever seen lol

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22 minutes ago, Captain Canuck #12 said:

Yes.  Looks like Costmar is more likely to be that guy now, but hopefully Focht too.

Hopefully both.  Would be nice to have some cheap homegrown players who bring that element.

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11 hours ago, Phil_314 said:

Haha you guys are going to be disappointed, according to commentators his last name is pronounced "foat", quite similar to "folk" or "float".

I wonder if similarly to Shotgun Jake, will people be chugging root beer for Root Beer Focht when he scores!

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21 hours ago, garthsbutcher said:

Brendan Gaunce clone

Even if that is case, it is still pretty decent value for a 5th round pick. He can be depth call up and kill penalties. Guys where you can plug in your 4th line if there is an injury. Nothing wrong with a player playing like Gaunce did if they are drafted in the 5th round. Gaunce was a first rounder, so it is seen as disappointment, but as a 5th rounder, that is pretty decent value. Not great, but not bad as you get some NHL games out of guys like Gaunce.

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I'm guessing the timing on this is so that they can send him to Utica for camp as its extremely likely that the WHL doesn't play this year and they don't want him to lose a full year of development.

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