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The Motte incident...

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Hi, after I read that earlier, I couldn't believe it but after the shock wore off, I started to think about something un-heard of that maybe should be looked at and you may freak out at it and whatever BUT I have my reasons.

Here it is, taking hitting out of training camp completely! I know, I know, WTF?? 

 Ok first thing... a temporary thing, how long? Well it blends into another thing and the most important thing as a Canucks team and where we are in the rebuild, retool (lol) whatever you want to call it, it's not rocket science to know we still need awhile until we have a set solid experienced roster with really good depth so injuries don't knock us out of a potential playoff spot or a serious cup run, so your guess would be as good as mine but I'd say for at least 3-4 more camps...

Is there a silver lining to it? certainly! from experience playing contact hockey in my teens and never even dreamed about not being able to take a guy of the puck with a hit but when I got older I got asked to play in a men's beer league and my jaw dropped when I was told it was no hitting.. I was like what???  your kidding! okkkk it'll be weird as _ _ _ _! but ok..  then it came, the guy asked me how well I could do using my stick to get the puck away from someone instead of pasting em into the boards or a open ice leveling, well I said, I never thought about it but ok I guess..

Suited up and hit the ice, wow these guys were amazing at it and I had to work double hard just to keep up and was dragging my butt to the bench out of breath and my buddy just chuckled but said.. see? It FORCES you to get better...

So seems to me it wouldn't hurt to be gone for a few years so we don't risk injuries before the season even gets started, the league is way too good for that these days.. 

I don't know, maybe that's the part of me that been waiting for a cup since 74' and a bit... ummm.. borderline paranoid about it? Lmao maybe! 

I just want to see this team set up with regular solid lines that can compete with any elite team out there and not even one small set back, we've had more than our share of those... 

 Sooooo... Thoughts? 

(flame away)

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11 minutes ago, GarthButcher5 said:

Hitting is part of the game and these guys are competing to live their dream and play in the NHL. I can't see why this should change at all.

a simple risk management thing, nothing more...  lessen the risk of injury before the season even gets started, it's not like we have a super elite team with tons of depth YET.. and not like a permanent thing.. I wouldn't suggest that! F no!!! 

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Only waiting since '74?  Are you one of those "young guys".  But seriously, it's hard to disagree with what you say however, the NHL is what it is and they need to play within the rules and all the possibilities that that brings.


Motte deserved more than he got imo

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22 minutes ago, joe-max said:

Kesler, Bieksa and Burrows were tussling and fighting in practice and even before games and they turned out best buddies for the most successful stretch in franchise history. Hopefully it's nothing but competitive guys being competitive.


Quote by Bieksa: "We would fight in practice all the time. How many drills would we have 3 on 3 down lows, and it would end in a stick swinging or a punch in the head or an insult?"

Burrows: "We had a lot of fun battling, that's for sure."

Bieksa: "When Kes got mad he wouldn't talk to us for like a week."



end thread & discussion on the Motte slew foot. 

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11 hours ago, RetroCanuck said:

Theres hitting and then there's Motte's play.


He injured Hawryluk with a slew foot and could have easily hurt Gaudette with one.


Theres competing hard and then theres stupidity

I agree its one thing having issues with teammate ? But to slew foot 2 guys, This is when Motte needed to get beat up..You should not slew foot anyone..

I think Lockwood will replace Motte soon...

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2 minutes ago, 10pavelbure96 said:

no doubt


strike first strike hard no mercy lol

These camps are competitive,  fighting amongst teammates has happened for forever.


This world is just becoming soft.  It's actually sad.  Next OP will suggest the players don't trash talk so they don't hurt anyone's feelings.

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