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[GDT/PGT - Page 136] Vancouver Canucks @ Edmonton McDavids | January 13, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | SN, SN1

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Loved the effort tonight. Edmonton has some cheat mode players, and they held their own. Hamonic looked a step behind the rest of the team, but I think he'll catch up. 

Hoglander is a pro no doubt, Brock has his shot again, Petey and Hughes keep doing their thing and Edler looks to have some jump. I like JBs team, and I can't wait for Miller to come back! 

This season is a good chance for us! 

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26 minutes ago, nucksnavsfan said:

First game, new team , give it time 

I know just talking about his history as a player 

I was happy to see us pick him up at his caphit.

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58 minutes ago, Lancaster said:

Once again Loui Eriksson was invisible tonight.... :bigblush:

Eriksson was very visible. Toffoli is the cost.


Höglander has game though...


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Just now, Darius said:

Lol some of those threads were bad.


Only outdone by the Brock for Debrusk people.


Brock is a core player. 

Omg I totally forgot about those people. Debrusk. Hilarious 

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While the close game had me worrying for my nails, I'm still glad it was a fairly even game. It's so much more entertaining than a Tampa-Chicago style game. That has a lot of value in games going forward I think, since it'll be easy for players to build up a narrative that has each game meaning something, and playing their guts out. 

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8 minutes ago, brownky said:

Hilarious but also mildly unfair imo. Jake did a lot of greasy work that I'm sure the coaches will notice. He actively created a good amount of space for his linemates, had a good chance himself and made no mistakes. The line got their points and the team won and he was still +1.


Hit the post/crossbar on on a bad angle shot. Had one nice defensive play. Took a penalty that was a very weak call.


Wasn't a big presence in the game but not bad. If he scores people are more optimistic about him.


At this point; I just think he's a middle 6 guy (preferably good 3rd line) that can give you an offensive jolt from time to time.


Using his speed, & using his strength in the corners consistently - along with responsible defensive play - should be the bar, in a shift to shift sense. He's not going to be any kind of driver, nor should it be the expectation.  

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2 minutes ago, Qwags said:

Hughson and the Johns doing home games is fantastic news. I consider this an absolute win.

It would be awesome to have Hughson and Garrett do some games together this year. Flashback to the West Coast Express days. 

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