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[GDT/PGT - Page 136] Vancouver Canucks @ Edmonton McDavids | January 13, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | SN, SN1

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1 minute ago, Rob_Zepp said:

He looked a bit lost for about 19.5 of it mind you.   He will be fine but there wasn't enough oxygen for him out there.   He was gassed.   You could see smart thought but he was pretty "hot potato" with the puck a few times and simply got beat on plays he won't be in a week or three.   He is a fast skater with excellent edge movement but in this game he looked like a guy who was given goalie skates, two pre-game beers and was digesting three burgers.

yeah also to note he had to quarantine for 7 days prior to playing in 1 practice. I agree though in a week or so he will have picked up his game.

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22 minutes ago, apollo said:

@Twilight Sparkle


I know usually the Bo comes home... But The Brock was real good tonight... Perhaps you can do the honors... And write up a homecoming :lol:




That was absolutely epic. We are so blessed. 


Thank you sir Benning. 

Finally... THE BO HAS COME BACK! To Edmonton Alberta! Now, interview person, you're asking The Bo if I wanted to retract my statement, in which HE called Connor McDavid... A jabroni? Yes. The Bo DOES want to retract his statement. Connor McDavid is NOT a jabroni! BUT what Connor McDavid is, is a walking, talking, Edmonton Oiler piece of steamy, stinking, grade A, Alberta monkey crap! And The Bo says this: Did The Bo call you a jabroni? You're damn right he did! He also called your entire team jabronis as well. Shut your mouth, look at The Bo, read The Bo's lips: Jabroni! J-A-B-R-O-N-I XYZ NBC, awe it doesn't matter how you spell jabroni!


Connor McDavid, 10 times this year, The Bo will take his hand and one, by damn one, slap the monkey piss out of your entire team, But tonight, The Bo, once again, making your monkey ass famous. You wanna come out here, run your mouth how things are personal between you and The Great One. You wanna do something personal for The Bo, well, The Bo wants you to do something special, The Bo wants you to stand in that rink and whine how you'll never, AND THE BO MEANS NEVER be The People's Captain... jabroni!.



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  • -Vintage Canuck- changed the title to [GDT/PGT - Page 136] Vancouver Canucks @ Edmonton McDavids | January 13, 2021 | 7 p.m. PT | SN, SN1
2 hours ago, SilentSam said:

Hogz.   Podz.     then Tryamkin ?


star wars trailer GIFstar wars trailer GIF

Tryamkn would seal up our bottom pairing for sure. But our new D is closer to wear we need to be in terms of added some added physicality.

However Try would add speed and defensive coverage. And A solid pk addition.

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