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Mafia - Milli Vanilli & The 1990 Grammy Awards

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It is the year 1990, and after quite possibly the greatest year in Music History, the most prestigious Awards Show of All Time - The Grammy's - is set to begin. The night is moist with apprehension as musicians, record producers, and other complete and total douchebags descend upon the Shrine Auditorium in sleepy Los Angeles, California. Their goal a simple one; to prop up their fragile egos with a bunch of self-congratulatory speeches and do a bunch of schmoozing with other like-minded artists who have little to no self-esteem.


The night was set to go off without a hitch, yet all the while grumblings could be heard...whispers of foul play surrounding the famous duo Milli Vanilli. How inconceivable that the German-French pair could possibly be guilty of not performing on their Billboard Top 5 album Girl You Know It's True? Were the rumours true? Did Frank Farian dupe the whole world? In quite possibly the greatest scandal to rock North America since New! Coke, I present to you...


Mafia: Milli Vanilli & The 1990 Grammy Awards

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