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[Report] Canucks recall Loui Eriksson, assign Justin Bailey to taxi squad

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Damn it.... I was hoping they plugged in Baertschi or Bailye for an audition.  We know what Eriksson brings (doesn't bring).

Maybe they plan on bumping Hoglander up to the top line and making Bo's line a shutdown again.  I don't know that it is necessary to change game plans though just because the best player on the planet beat us.  



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2 hours ago, gizmo2337 said:

Ah, right.
Turns out this saves some "real" money (not cap money).  It's a paper down move for non-gameday to save cash since on the taxi squad, Justin Bailey makes his AHL salary. Don't be surprised to see the reverse tomorrow.

Hopefully LE kicks some of the difference from the money he's stealing from Aquilini.

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5 hours ago, PVK said:

I thought Vintage Canuck knew everything!


It's just a cost-saving measure; Canucks have to pay Bailey more when he's (a scratch) on the active roster:


Taxi Squad Shuffle: 01/15/21 (prohockeyrumors.com)


  • The Canucks have recalled Loui Eriksson from the taxi squad and replaced him with Justin Bailey, the opposite of a move they made just yesterday. Though it may seem counterintuitive, keeping Eriksson on the active roster and Bailey on the taxi squad during off days actually saves the Canucks money. The team is already in LTIR relief meaning they can’t bank cap space and have to pay Eriksson his one-way NHL salary regardless of where he plays. Bailey on the other hand earns less on his two-way deal whenever he is assigned to the taxi squad or minor leagues.

It was a joke, as seen by the use of “ImConfused”, a username. :) 

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31 minutes ago, mll said:

Maximizing LTIR relief was set for the season the day Ferland went on LTIR.  The team can’t bank cap space.  It could be either a salary move with Bailey being on a two-way deal which allows them to save cash and/or a waiver clock move.  


Bailey is waiver eligible and will have to go back on waivers if he stays on the active roster for more than 30 days.  By demoting him they stop the waiver clock.


you think Jimmy is gonna wear that move out and create the need for a new rule or interpretation of the rule?

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20 minutes ago, lmm said:

you think Jimmy is gonna wear that move out and create the need for a new rule or interpretation of the rule?

Don’t see why it would be an issue.  Most teams are going to be moving players up and down their taxi squad.  

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1 hour ago, Jam126 said:

Let the memes begin.


I can't believe I'm giggling in excitement that Loui is being recalled. Not because of him, but because of the memes. 

Hey Jam, what did the five fingers say to the face?













dave chappelle slap GIF

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