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So this is what we’re resorting to now? Not our skill, not our toughness, not our experience but hockey gods, well, if drinking beer helps the team I’m going all out tomorrow.

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Just pay attention fans...canucks will get puck luck the shots will be quality chances and guys will play with a smarter type of game instead of running around like chickens with their heads cut off...if the canucks want to help with the hockey gods powers they will need to sacrifice some discipline but still be aggressive...good example is to drive the middle of the ice more to create chances and draw penalties...im not a coach im a hockey god and can see lots of things but for now this is all...last note they need to keep the hockey plays to the outside ok...keep it simple...

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finally a hockeygod thread worth reading.


[however - hockeygod intervention, or simple law of averages /return to mean?]




thanks for the entertainment.  I think this 'should' be your new thing.

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What hockey god sees is that lack of emotion...maybe no angels in the stands who knows...the canucks are holding onto the puck too long instead of making quick plays but if they can get a few games together like usual they should be fine...few guys like rooster needs to step up his game and sutter beagle line seem ok but ya no names but rooster who i think can understand...the players know what to do in order to please the canuck nation and yes its early but a short season..id like the team to practice more one timer plays and id like the defence and forwards to brush up on taking man each when in defence zone..by this i mean learn to check your man a bit tighter..dont hold or slash just get as close as you can without taking a penalty...push nudge tie up his stick etc..practice that for the guys that lack skill in that area.

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