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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens | January 21, 2021 | 6:30 p.m. PT | NBCSN, SNP

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Schedule has been brutal to us so far, I’ve not looked at it fully be we have a lot of back to backs and 3 in 4s hopefully with how compressed ours is at the moment there will be a period where we get a bit more spacing and can have some between game training sessions and work on things, while other teams get exhausted.


hoping for a tighter game tonight we cannot keep giving up rush chances against and win. Hoping EP gets on the board as well

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Just now, Boudrias said:

I thought Horvat, Motte, Myers and Chatfield had strong games last night. Hughes and Schmidt played big TOI and struggled in spots.   Canucks played the big Hab d-core better than I thought they would. Miller makes such a big dif in the ozone. Virtanen seems to be carving out a niche. He had some PK time.

Yeah I agree, although some people still rag on Myers and our 4th line as well. Motte clearly can shoot and while he plays like JH did his hands are infinitely better. I would like to see him get some time in the top 6.  Not because I think he is a top 6 player, but that he could create some time and space for others and do the dirty work. Potentially would like to see even if it’s just a few shifts in the game motte and Pearson around Horvat 

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Feeling great after a win....but the guys have to get right back to work with urgency.  No resting ON a win...go get another.  Hope Petey cracks the code again tonight...not worried about him, his compete level's too high.  But we need the kazillion goals he's about to score.

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1 minute ago, CanucksJay said:

Why would yesterday's pgt thread already be locked? 

What about the purple that watched it late or pvrd and came on today to discuss? 

It's set to a timer but feel free to comment here as it really all ties together....

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4 minutes ago, Squamfan said:

Another hat trick for toffoli?

hell no lock up the defense  hopefully benn rafferty get a look tonight but itprobably be benn juolevi


 hughes schmidt

 juolevi myers 

benn rafferty or  juolevi benn   or rathbone benn 



give the youngsters a look  may as well   hamonic looked horrible last night 


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Team looked overall better yesterday in most respects except for D.  That was horrendous.  I'm talking mostly about team D rather than particular individuals or the Dmen specifically.  It's encouraging to see the team get more in sync, but they need to get in sync on D even faster.  It looks like they're still figuring out communication as there was a play in OT where Holtby stopped the puck and everyone seemed to think he was going to cover it for a whistle but then he played it and the puck was very nearly stolen by MTL.


Some have mentioned that the last couple seasons saw Markstrom bail the team out on chances after giveaways, but last night was particularly bad.  Don't get me wrong, Markstrom played lights out for the Canucks for the last two seasons, but even then there were enough games where the Canucks D was much better than they were last night.  I think Holtby did fine, all things considered, and he did his part in OT and the shootout.


In terms of specific players, Boeser was flying all night.  Miller and Horvat looked dialed in (which you could really tell in the shootout).  Pettersson looked fine though it seems like his timing is still a bit off (notwithstanding his attempted move on Price).  I think this was a game where Schmidt really showed how reliable of a D he is  Nothing flashy this game, just solid D that helped the team move the puck forward consistently.  I thought Chatfield had a very good game.  Made good decisions pretty much all game.  I can see why management likes him.


Hamonic looks like he needs more time.  That 1st Toffoli goal was entirely because he abandoned his position to come over and defend Quinn.  While I don't necessarily think defending Quinn is a bad thing, it didn't necessarily feel like a situation that warranted it and it cost the team a goal against.


Personally, if Edler and Hamonic are indeed out for tonight's game, then I think this could be a blessing in disguise.  Yes, they are probably the most physical D, but I think the team has to give Juolevi a chance to play through mistakes if only to see what they have in him.  I assume Rafferty will draw in if Hamonic is out so it will be good to see him in NHL action too.

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Chatfield looked better than hamonic has.

the d structure is just a joke. baumer system is like he played which could be why he never stuck in the nhl.

JV had a good game solid hits back checked well.

With D like this we need to score 5-8 goals a game. 
so hopefully Bo Miller brock EP all show up ready.

And love watching hoglander 




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