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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens | January 21, 2021 | 6:30 p.m. PT | NBCSN, SNP

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We've been solidly outplayed in almost all our games so far. There are some positives for this team. Every team would like to have Petey and Bo as the 1-2 centres. Hughes is an elite defenseman and Boesser is back and looking good. But four high-end players is a pretty shallow pool. I understand letting Markstrom go had a lot to do with the Kraken potentially picking one of our goalies. But losing an elite goalie when our D is Swiss cheese is not good. But I think Demko will come around.  We've got great young pieces to the puzzle, but we need a few more. Lack of depth and defense is killing us. But I'll still watch, we've gone from being a head on collision to more like a serious fender bender. Slow improvement is at least improvement. 

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Fire Benning, fire Green, fire Brown, fire Baumer, hell, fire Fin! (oops maybe they already did that in the layoffs).


We lost a couple games.





How 'bout we look at this in context.

We were very fortunate to have the playoffs and we did very well there (huge amount of fun).


The NHL and the players have managed to patch together an attempt at a 2020-2021 season.

We have a Canadian division, we I much prefer to interacting with the Excited States of Murica.


Sure, the games are goofy; like playing the Hated Habs 3 times in 4 nights.

And the team is duck-taped together, with bits of untested players here and holes in the lineup there.


But man, look at the bright side.

We have another NHL game tomorrow, at home, and I am sure our team is going to try their guts out; which is all I really ask of them.


This thread is like a long list of "You've chosen to ignore content by (insert idiot user name here). Options".

Such a list of whiners and naysayers; come on, you don't know how to run this team better than management, and you're not getting any fluff from us here for spouting your negative nonsense over and over again.  

Get some perspective.


Apollo has it right.

These post game threads after a loss are ridiculous.

Let's say we beat Montreal tomorrow; and Ottawa 2 out of 3 next week.

We'll be right back in the hunt and super happy that we've managed to turn it around and play through the adversities we are currently facing like 3 or 4 D out, etc.


Let's get behind the positives.

E.g. at one point in the game last night they said, "Bo, with that goal now leads the league in goal scoring".

I don't know where he's at now in the standings, but our Captain, was outstanding last game, answering Scab scoring each time, with powerful goals in the slot.


The team is a bit of a wet mess, I concede, but all things considered, I am behind them and hoping for another entertaining game tomorrow night.

The season could still fall apart; the Murican portion of the NHL is having lots of difficulties with COVID and the nation as a whole is a disaster of huge proportions.

With these new strains that are way more transmittable, there is a possibility that the virus outstrips our ability to develop vaccines to control the mutations.

Even without this dire outcome, they are in so much trouble down there, we should be thankful for whatever isolation from them we can maintain.


If the league decides to suspend Myers, they probably have to consider, at least a little bit, how this will affect their decisions going forward.

In other words, if they hand out borderline suspensions and exasperate efforts to have full rosters of healthy players available, the season could be lost that way.

They'll probably suspend Myers anyway, and you can argue he deserves it, and especially because we are the whipping boy for the DOP(e)S, but they must be mindful of the need to keep sufficient numbers of players on all teams to keep the season going.

Already, teams have had to postpone and perhaps they will have to forfeit games.


Anyway, cheer up folks.

We have another game coming up.

The games have been entertaining.

We still have a super team but it is a bit disheveled due to every crazy thing that is happening.


With Bo and Miller leading the way, we are going to come out Saturday and kick some crosse de grenouille!

If Myers is suspended, hopefully Armia has to miss a few games, he is a lot to handle and we could use a roster break.

Petey will not be way-laid much longer; he has too much pride and talent; (I think he is not getting enough practice time in).



Hatty for Cap Saturday and keep that goal-scoring race going.




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Meh it’s still pre season basically but that’s coming to an end. 2-4. Win tomorrow and we got 2 out of 3 from Montreal then we play Ottawa. Win 2 out 3 and we are back to .500. That should straighten the ship. Dont reply to my optimism cause that’s all I got. I expect a different game tomorrow honestly believe that 


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48 minutes ago, Wayne Glensky said:

“If” this becomes a lottery season.We need to take a serious look at Luke Hughes. He’s a bigger Quinn (6’2) and has the exact same skating style as Quinn. I would mind having the Hughes bros as a top pairing. Imagine the creativity between the two? 

Like the Sedin's but on the blueline. 

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13 minutes ago, Oldmanpower said:

Look at the bright side, we’re still ahead of Dallas!

And Horvat is tied for the league lead in goals scored and points! 

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10 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

It should be obvious to anyone that Nolan Baumgartner is a horrible defensive coach who’s complete ineptitude is costing this team games. If he isn’t fired this season, clearly the issues are greater than him. 

And Brown ?


and Green ?


they all need to go 

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10 minutes ago, mll said:


And they shouldn’t in my view, Ok calling the hit to the head but he came around the guys turned body to deliver a hit to the chest, a few inches lower and it shouldn’t even have been a penalty 


I do not want a league where all you have to do is turn your back to pressure and get a rule induced force field 


The game was decided and the message is sent for Saturday, looking forward to the bad blood boiling over, get Big Mack and Bailey in there if we end up playing an AHL D and send a physical message to these guys who we face again not too far down the road

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Fat thumbs and autocorrect
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1 hour ago, Wilbur said:

Too me, the most sense would be signing a 1 year deal with the Canucks  to show what you can do in the NHL, then go UFA.

Unless he doesn't believe that himself.. in which case him wanting to ink a contract based on the hype, rather than on his first season back in the NHL, would make sense

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3 minutes ago, qwijibo said:

Read it again genius 

What’s your problem, assclown? Take your Habs love and shove it. 

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13 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

And Brown ?


and Green ?


they all need to go 

Brown and Green have to go. Bring in Jack Black for comic relief! Or how about Red Berenson for experience?!

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1 minute ago, PhillipBlunt said:

What’s your problem, assclown? Take your Habs love and shove it. 

I just loved your outrage at the league when they AREN’T  suspending Myers. 

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