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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens | January 23, 2021 | 4 p.m. PT | CBC, SN, CITY, TVAS

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Boutta put a missing person's report out for Pettersson. Hopefully he shows up this game. We really need him. Defensively. I don't even know what they could do to fix it. We've had damn near two different bluelines and it's still a shot parade on our goalies. Except now it's worse cause Tanev's teeth can't eat shots for us anymore.

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since tyler been playing against us, hes mtl top pts leader now hahaha,


we will probably lose again, unless petey stops playing fps online games and focus more on his career.

we lose 5-3

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This is going to be ugly. I hope Green mixes the lines AV-style. I'd like to see Bo replace Petey but Green doesn't have the balls for it.


Holtby behind a defence of 4 AHLers will be hilarious to watch, Toffoli may actually just score another hat trick.


Going to be another firefight, I'm hoping 5-4 Canucks in OT.

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51 minutes ago, Convincing John said:

I know it’s super cool and fashionable to freak out and say how ugly this is going to be but I’m going to be a troll here and say it’s going to be a good bounce back game by the boys. 

I tend to agree. I mean I've watched the Nucks since 86 and I have never witnessed a stretch of games where so many weird things and worst case scenarios ever.

2 goals with less than a second left, Petey falling on a 2 on 0 and looking like he has the yips.  Every mistake they are making ends up going in the net.

Now having 4 rookie D in the lineup just compounds things even more.

We hit rock bottom on Thursday, it was hard to watch except Joulevi thought he looked good.

Holtby needs to make a statement tomorrow, he's been fine considering but the one thing Marky did well was steal a game to end a slump, we need that because if we have the same D we're gonna it.

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