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(Trade) Laine to CBJ - Dubois to Jets

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I don't think ice time was the issue for PLD... it was the fact he was playing for Torts.  I'm betting PLD will be more than happy in WPG.  Having a 1-2 punch of Scheifele and PLD makes the Jets way better than an inconsistent, piss poor attitude, poor man's Ovechkin in Laine.

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3 minutes ago, Maginator said:

And what do you suggest we traded for either player?


One of our top studs would be a start... Horvat or Pettersson.


Do you want a trade involving either player? To bring in either Laine or Dubois who have shown such arrogance early in their careers?

Miller and Juolevi maybe. As far as Arrogance Just look at the Coaches . Thats where the arrogance comes in

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Interesting to see how Torts and Laine get on. Torts clearly doesn't like selfish, me-first players and they just exchanged one for one. If Laine doesn't bring intensity every night and play hard, I can see him asking for a trade out of CLB too. This was a bizarre move. Jets need D more than they needed another center but now that they have a great addition up the middle, perhaps they can entice a solid FA d-man in the offseason once Stastny and Perrault are off the books, that will give them some cash to play with.


One thing PLD will love playing in Winnipeg is their crazed fan-base, as well as Maurice's style of coaching compared to Torts. Could be a win win trade here for both clubs. Time will tell.

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1 minute ago, Warhippy said:

omg HUGE trade


Well done Winnipeg.  


Dubois is hands down the better player than Laine and I don't care what argument you put out

Laine under Torts will be gone as soon as he can Bad trade for the Blue Jackets

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9 minutes ago, Toyotasfan said:

feel Winnipeg should have gotten a serviceable winger to even this trade out. 

  They will most likely be looking for scoring now.

They still have lots of great scoring wingers in connor, ehlers and Wheeler. Scoring won't be an issue for the Jets. They have loads of talent up front. They need another number 2 dman or if possible, a number 1. How they go about getting that is their next line of business.

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44 minutes ago, Smashian Kassian said:


Laine wanted out of Winnipeg too. Dubois gives them a great 1-2C combo for years to come w/ Schiefele.


Losing Laine's game breaking scoring ability will hurt, but he's been up & down in Winnipeg for years anyways. Still got Connor, Laine, Wheeler, & Cole Perfetti coming. 



How can they lose Laine and still have Laine?





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10 minutes ago, Dr.BRR said:

I wonder why the Jackets don't move on from Torts. If Laine doesn't gel with him. I see a coaching change before another trade. 

Tortorella’s contract is up at the end of the season.  Don’t know if they have started talking extension.


He’s apparently not the direct reason Dubois asked for a trade according to CBJ beat writer Portzline who cites sources close to Dubois. 


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Dubois is gonna be a hella player in a couple years if he changes his attitude.

I think the trade is closer then people think. Looking at the numbers right now obviously it looks like a steal for Columbus. Be interesting to see where it goes 

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1 hour ago, Wayne Jetski said:

Also: predict how Laine and Torts will get along. Hahahah

I predicted he'd be gone shortly after losing in the first round two years running. But he still has a job. And he gets into the second round two years running.

It will be interesting to see. 

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